Something New

Something New: January 2017

Before we get into what new things I tried in January, I want to give you a little backstory about why I decided to try something new each month for a year. In 2016, I came across one of my Facebook friends posting pictures each month of something new she tried. Each month I got excited to see the new things she tried and was a little envious of her having the courage to try so many things. I did not make the decision right away to do this for 2017 though, I was still letting fear control me. It was not until I read the book “A year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes (if you haven’t read this book yet, do it!). If you don’t know who she is, she is the one responsible for 3 of the biggest shows on TV on Thursday nights. Though she is somewhat of a BADASS, she was also letting fear control her. Finally, she decided to take charge of her life by decided to say YES to everything that she feared for 1 year. After reading this book I decided I did not want to live in fear anymore and decided to take on the challenge of trying at least 1 new thing each month. Now that you know more about WHY I decided to do this, let’s get into what new things I tried in January!

So, I am not going to lie I did not try as many fun and exciting NEW things in January as I had hoped; however, I was sick for a decent part of the month which made things a little more complicated. Since going out with friend tends to happen at restaurants I actually tried 2 new restaurants in January.  The 1st restaurant I tried was Punch Bowl Social in St. Louis Park. The place is HUGE and there was a lot going on there that Friday night. I was there for a friend birthday dinner and though we had a pretty big group the service was pretty fast. I ordered the ‘A La Bama Chicken Sandwich’ and I must say it was pretty dang good! The chicken had the right amount of crunch on the outside but was still juicy and not dried out on the inside! Definitely something I would recommend to others and would personally order again. One cool thing about Punch Bowl Social, it’s not all about the food there. They have a TON of fun things to do there including bowling, ping pong, photo booths, darts, arcade games and more! The only down side while I was there was that most of these things were reserved for private parties. Overall, I had a great time at this new restaurant and would go back there again, but maybe next time on a weeknight.

The other restaurant I tried was the Tavern on France in Edina. Let me start off quickly by giving you a little laugh at how my first few minutes there went. Like most places, the waitress asked my friend and I if we had ever been to there before to which I replied “First time at this location but I have been to the one in Duluth!” I was very excited and proud with my response. For those of you who have been to Duluth recently, you may have been to the Tavern on the Hill. I have and let me tell you it’s a fun place with good food and close to UMD’s campus! (Side note: When my friend and I decided to go to the Tavern on France, I wasn’t going to count this as one of my NEW things.) Well turns out the Tavern in Duluth and the one on France are NOT the same, the waitress explained this to me while holding back a laugh of her own. HA. Now on to the rest of my experience at the Tavern on France. My friend Lindsey and I went there for Happy Hour, we decided to sit in the dining area instead of the bar because it was packed and pretty loud and we wanted to talk.tavern I ordered the Tavern Bleu Chips – originally $9.50 but $3.99 for happy hour, SCORE!!!!  I was hesitant at 1st to order these because I am not a HUGE fan of Bleu cheese, but I do love homemade chips and these came with BACON, I mean who says no to bacon!? Obviously, my love of homemade chips and bacon won and I ordered them – they were DELICIOUS! Overall, I thought the food was great, there were a good amount of choices for the happy hour special, and the restaurant had a good ambiance. I have wanted to go back and get those chips since I left, so it’s safe to say I will be back there soon enough. If anyone wants to join me just let me know!

The final NEW thing I tried in January was ordering swimsuits online and from a website I had never ordered anything from before. Usually I don’t order clothes online because as a curvy woman I have had troubles finding things that fit just right so its best that I try things on before buying them. I made an excepting with ordering my swimsuits online because I was looking for something specific and I could NOT find what I wanted in stores. I wanted a 1 piece bathing suit that would fit me and give me support – specifically for my boob (FYI they aren’t small). What I was really looking for was an underwire 1 piece. You would think this won’t be too hard to find since you could walk into Target for example right now and find a few swimsuits with underwire. Yes, it’s true you can find some but for people with SMALL boobs…. Why?!? I have no clue! But if you ever look at the plus size swimsuits at Target they don’t have underwire. I had heard that Swimsuits For All had a great number of swimsuits in many styles and for all sizes. I gave it a shot and ordered 2 swimsuits for $90 dollars (including the 3-day shipping cost) the original cost would have been around $180 but this site always has sales and swimsuits on clearance. YAY for savings! Before I placed my order, I saw a lot of mixed reviews on how the suits I liked fit. I decided I was just going to use the sizing chart provided and order accordingly, praying that they would fit! I got my swimsuits and overall I love the way they fit (see pictures below). I do wish one of the swimsuit had a little more boob support and the other one had a little more boob coverage but they do fit and the colors are exactly what I was hoping for! I will definitely be ordering swimsuits from here again! If you haven’t checked out their website and need a swimsuit, what are you waiting for?!? Go check them out!


Until next month!





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