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YOU are a BADASS by Jen Sincero

you-are-a-badass-1So, the TRUE title of this book is “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.” I am excited to say that this is the 1st book I am reviewing for my blog. But to make it more exciting (at least for me) this is the 1st book I read in 2017. I should admit, this was not 100% by choice. I am a part of Falen from KDWB’s book club and she chose this book for January. Until she shared with book club what we were reading in January I had never heard of this book. Though this book was for January book club, I have to admit till a few days ago I did not fully finish the book. Sorry, life got kinda crazy and there was a lot to the book! Okay, now to get down to business and dig into the book a little.

Can I just say, how AWESOME is the title of this book?!?! I mean who doesn’t need to be told or reminded that they are a badass every now and then. Besides thinking the title of the book was in your face and exciting, I honestly didn’t have much of idea what the book was going to be about or have any expectations. Once I got the book in front of me, saw the FULL title, and began reading it was very clear this was a motivational or how-to book; perfect for starting off a new year on the right foot!  There were many great things that I enjoyed about this book and others I didn’t care for.

The Good: The 1st thing is the way the book was written and layed out. The book was separated into 5 different parts with chapters in each part. I really enjoyed the breakup of topics in the different parts and the chapters serving as checklists items to accomplish different goals. Throughout each chapter, there were many lists and tips which I truly enjoyed because having those extra tips I believe will help me accomplish more goals and feel more confident/prepared when attempting to achieve those goals. For a ‘how-to’ type of book, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t too serious. The author did a great job of providing quality information but also brought in personal stories including struggles and successes. Each chapter ends with the same two words “Love Yourself.” Personally, I enjoyed this and thought that loving yourself was the biggest takeaway from the book. While others I know who also read this book thought it got too repetitive, I think the author ended each chapter this way to remind us that you can work on goals, but you ALWAYS need to remember to love yourself otherwise it won’t be worth it and you won’t truly be happy.

The Bad: There was really only one thing that I didn’t care for while reading this book. Throughout the book, the author used multiple different names in place of God and Ego. At the beginning, the author lets you know what other words she uses instead of the word God or Ego, but the author does not stick to one different work for each. Instead, the author changes things up throughout the book and made me have to go back to the earlier chapters to identify what she was actually talking about.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book! There were topics that I expected to be covered like money and fears, but I was pleasantly surprised to read about other things including personal frequencies. With all the wonderful information and lists throughout the book, this is definitely going to be a book I read again in order to work through each chapter instead of just reading them. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially someone who is looking for a change, is feeling stuck, or just needs to feel rejuvenated and encouraged to get out there! It was uplifting and insightful. The one recommendation I would have to someone who wants to read this book is to not rush through it. I hope you enjoyed my take on this book and if you decide to read it for yourself, let me know what you think of it!


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