Movie Reviews

Table 19 (2017)


Have you ever been to a wedding and placed at a table with people you have never met before? I have and that made the movie, Table 19 that much more relatable. If you haven’t seen the trailer for the movie, click HERE. Last weekend (March 3-5) was the opening weekend and I went to see it on Saturday night. Side note – I forgot how expensive movies are on weekends; usually I will go to a late showing during the week or a matinee because they are WAY cheaper.

The movie begins with us meeting each of the 6 guests who will be seated at table 19 during the wedding. We meet the guest as they are receiving their invitations. The main character Eloise (played by Anna Kendrick) is shown to the audience as having the hardest time deciding if she should go to this wedding or not as she was recently dumped by the bride’s brother. Shocker, she ends up going to the wedding otherwise there really won’t be much of a movie. As the movie continues, we start learning a little more about each of the 6 guests at table 19, who they know in the wedding party, and the various reasons they had for coming to the wedding. We learn that Eloise was actually the 1st choice for maid of honor and helped plan the wedding. As she talks about the different tables and who is at each one she says, “Table 19 is the table that could disappear and no one would even notice” which you brush off, until due to a series of events the guests at table 19 find themselves no longer at the wedding.

I had gone in expecting this movie to be all about a wedding and finding this mystery man that Eloise dances with (shown in the trailer). Yet, that is not what the movie was about. Yes there was a wedding and a mystery man, however the best part of the movie came during the time that the guests were not actually at the wedding. During this time the audience is exposed to the troubles that each character is going through and the high hopes they had for this wedding weekend. I found it strange yet very touching that these 6 guest who didn’t know one another prior to the wedding felt so comfortable with one another to open up about their struggles and lean on one another for support. By the end of the movie the 6 guest from table 19 do end up back at the wedding with no one the wiser that they had even left. During the movie, all I kept thinking was, how could you not notice a whole table of guests disappearing and how long is this wedding reception? I mean seriously, for everything that these guest do during the span of this wedding reception it had to have been a long reception and an early wedding because for the most of the movie its light out.

This movie is considered a comedy/drama; I personally didn’t find too many parts to be comedic. I truly cannot recall one scene that made me left me laughing my butt off, which is what I expect of a comedy. I think this movie was more of a romantic comedy in the sense that it had the same tone and expectations of a romantic comedy. There were plenty of OMG, No way?! and AWW moments throughout the movie to keep the audience on their toes and interested in the story line. These were probably my favorite moments of the movie. As any romantic comedy would end, you find the main character(s) finding their happy ending – many of which were kind of predictable.

I have to give a performance shout out to the 3 leading ladies; Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, and June Squibb. To me these ladies ran the movie not only with their story lines but also with their performance. Anna Kendrick, in my opinion has a specific type of role she tends to play which I have come to expect and enjoy. Overall, this is movie was what I expected it to be nothing too over the top but something that was light hearted, relatable, and something I would watch again on a rainy day.


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