Something New

Something New: March 2017

March was definitely a much more relaxed and catch up kind of month compared to February. I didn’t go on any tropical vacations; the most I did was take a day trip up to Duluth, of course I went on a gloomy day, but it was still fun. I stayed in Minnesota for March and found a few fun local things to try out. Check out what I tried last month, if you have tried any of these before let me know your thoughts. And if you tried something new yourself last month be sure to share in the comments, I would love to hear what things people are getting out and trying.


Early in March, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go with her to a comedy show. She found a groupon and I figured why not, it was for a Saturday night and this was something to do. It had been years since had gone to a comedy show and I thought this would be fun. The show was at Dangerfields, which is a restaurant in Shakopee. I learned that the restraint typically has comedy shows on Friday and Saturday nights. That night, Darrin Chase was the featured act with Joe Lovitt as the headliner. Unfortunately due to getting a late start to the show and thinking the restaurant was located in Minneapolis, my friend and I arrived late and missed the majority of the featured comedian’s routine. Front what we did see, he was funny but didn’t seemed to have a ton of material. The headliner Joe on the other had was hilarious, was prepared with plenty of material from standard jokes to slightly dirty/pro-vocative; I spent the majority of the show laughing my butt off and could not believe how quickly his time on stage went by. My favorite part of Joe’s routine was how real he was and that he used everyday situations and made them so funny, unlike some comedians who use the news, celebrities, and politics to bring laughter to an audience.   After the show as I was checking out the bulletin board outside the comedy room show, Joe actually came over and started chatted with me, he was a very nice and genuine guys. If you have a chance to catch one of his shows be prepared for a good time!


A new restaurant, this time a country bar. An old friend from college and I randomly choose this place because it was right in the center of where we were both coming from. There are a few different locations where you can find this restaurant, we went to the Bloomington location which was celebrating its 1 year anniversary! Right away I liked the place; the flow of the restaurant, the different woods used and the country music playing in the background were all features I enjoyed and played perfectly into the country them of the restaurant. I learned pretty quickly that Willey McCoys had 3 what I could call priorities: Beer, Whiskey, and Food. This was printed on the menu and found on the back of the shirts the staff was wearing. I cannot speak to the beer and whiskey there, but the food was delicious! I ordered the Minnesota While Rice Turkey Burger with fries and a side of season sour cream (sorry no pictures, I was too hungry so I just dived right in when the food arrived). The burger was very moist and flavorful and stayed together while I ate it. The fries weren’t out of the world, but they were good and complimented the burger well! We went on a Monday night and it turns out that Mondays are ½ off burger days there so my burger costs less than 6 bucks, what a deal right?! The only slightly negative or weird thing about the restaurant was when the waitress went to take our order she pulled out her phone, which I thought was odd and rude. Turns out that’s how they take orders there, not a big fan of that. But overall, a fun restaurant where I spent 3 hours catching up with an old friend.


A group of us went here on a Friday night after work. I was the only one in the group who had never been here before. We choose Kona Grill in Eden Prairie because we were going bowling after and this was a fun restaurant nearby and it seemed to have a decent happy hour special. Well, as you can imagine it was busy on a Friday night at around 5:30pm. We ended up just opting to sit in the dining area when we were told the bar area had a wait-list but the dining room was open. Turns out, the happy hour specials were ONLY good in the bar. I have never heard of that before so I thought this was very odd! I had looked online before coming going there and found a few items on the happy hour menu that I thought sounded good, well now those were out. We all ordered a round of drinks while we waited on our meals. I ordered the Mango Punch, thought it sounded very refreshing and tasty. When I got it I was kind of disappointed. The taste was nothing too special and I could barely taste or feel the alcohol. Not a drink worth $9 in my opinion. For my meal I ordered the Avocado Chicken Club which came with taro chips. If you are like me you probably have no idea what taro is, well it’s a type of root similar to a potato but bigger, so the sandwich came with big chip. This sandwich did NOT stay together, with every bite I lost more and more avocado. Thankfully I had those big taro chips, because they worked great to scoop up the lost avocado. The applewood bacon on the sandwich almost made up for the mess I made while eating it. The sandwich was topped with a chipotle mayo that had a kick, but it tied the sandwich together I thought. Though my experience at Kona Grill wasn’t exact what I thought it would be, I would maybe give it another shot on a weeknight and try sitting in the bar.


When I decided I wanted to get out there and try new things, I ended up stumbling upon an ap called meet ups. If you haven’t heard of meet ups let me elaborate, it’s an ap where put in what kind of things you are interested in and it finds different groups in your area that get that share your interests and meet up every so often. As someone who enjoys giving back I of course clicked that I was interested in volunteering when I set up my profile. One of the groups that piped up in this category was Good Deeds Society. I found that this group did a variety of events every month. One event caught my eye right away, helping at a dog adoption held at Happy Tail’s Rescue. Though I found this volunteer event months ago, it wasn’t until March that I was actually able to volunteer. My mom decided to volunteer with me; we spent the day walking dogs, playing with the dogs, and meeting potential adopters. As a HUGE dog lover, this was truly fun being at this event because besides having family dogs I don’t have one of my own. But it was also hard for two reasons; first off, I wanted to take almost every dog home with me and secondly, it was hard to see some of the sweetest dogs seem to get slot of attention but not get adopted. The day I volunteered there were about 40 puppies and dogs available for adoption, it was exciting to see 10 find their forever homes that day! Doing this volunteer event made me want to be a dog foster one day.  Enjoy the pics below of some of the lovable dogs I meet while volunteering! Remember, adopt don’t shop!




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