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The Fate of the Furious (2017)


On Friday, April 14th the eighth installment of the Fast and the Furious series hit theaters; click HERE to see the trailer for The Fate of the Furious. When I first heard that there would be an 8th movie I had mixed thoughts. I was a huge Paul Walker fan and I thought the way the 7th movie ended honored him so well that I was not fully convinced the series needed to continue. But after seeing the trailer, I was intrigued and wanted to know why was Dom (Vin Diesel) going against the family and did it have something to do with Bryan (Paul Walkers character), Mia (Jordana Brewster), and the kids?

Prior to the movie, I spoke with a friend who said he was considering NOT going to see the movie. When I asked why, he said that he thought the scenes in the series and the preview to the newest movie looked too unrealistic and not something that could truly happen. I guess you could say that is true, BUT don’t we go to movies to escape reality and let our imaginations run wild? I know those are some of the reasons I go to the movies.  I went to see the movie opening night. On Friday, I arrived at the movie theater for the 8:00 pm showing, it was not a packed theater however there were not too many open spots and the movie was showing every hour at the theater.

As the movie starts up, we are not given a timeline of how long it has been since we saw Dom and Brian drive off in different directions, but as the movie goes on you can tell it has not been that long. Right away there is a car chase and it ends with a car catching on fire – to me this too closely resembled what happened to Paul Walker, I was a little uncomfortable with the similarity. Whether or not this scene was supposed to be a reference to Paul or not, I thought it was. Luckily, the movie did reference Brain (Paul Walker) a few times throughout and the ways in which is it occurred seemed to be perfect for the storyline and for honoring his character. All the big/ main characters of the movie come into play early on, so the audience was not left waiting long to see the familiar characters we have all come to love. The characters personality in this series has come to be one of my favorite parts; they are so unique yet they all work together so well and each movie continues to allow each character to grow, all while staying true to who they are.

The Fast and the Furious series has always had 3 key themes; family, car chases, and blowing things up – all of which were present in this movie. Like many of the movies in the series, the team is faced with a mission or two. Their 1st mission in this movie occurs within the first 15 minutes, but the transition to get to it was very odd to me; it took me a few seconds to understand what happened from one scene to the next. I can’t put my finger on it, but something seemed to be missing. With regards to crazy and unthinkable action and stunt scenes, this movie did not disappointment. Of course, it won’t be a Fast and the Furious movie without crazy car chases, for which there was no lack of. In most of the movies throughout this series, I never noticed the music (except for the final song in #7, tear jerkier still) but this movie, the songs were all on point. I usually only notice songs when they added to a movie, which they did in this movie. The songs were all fun and upbeat, which went along with the feel of the movie – a few songs even made me want to dance.

There was a key difference in the tone of this movie compared to the 7th one; the last movie was more serious and left the audience in tears. However, with this movie it was more light-hearted, though the characters were faced with life or death situations, and the movie was filled with so much comedy. All of the other movies in the series have had funny lines or components, however this movie hit you with laughter over and over again. There were 3 guys in my opinion who truly brought the laughter to this movie; Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), Deckard (Jason Statham, and Roman (Tyrese Gibson). Roman brought laughter to the screen with his whining and complaining – like normal – but also I found myself laughing at the things that happened to him, because the stuff that happens and how reacts is so him and would only happy to him. As for Hobbs and Deckard, it was a true love-hate ‘bromance’ in the movie, filled with numerous one lines. On their own both characters are funny, but when in a scene together they are hilarious. Be prepared to laugh during this movie.

There were a few new comers to the film. The fist being Cipher (Charlie Theron) who is the ultimate villain. Dom teams up with her throughout the movie going against his team/ family. I thought the character of Cipher was an interesting addition to the dynamics of the movie – about time there was a female villain!  I thought Charlie Theron played the character marvelously. Though I like Charlie as an actress, she did such a good job acting I truly hated her character which we were supposed to. The other new comer was Eric or ‘Little Nobody’ (Scott Eastwood) who works for Mr. Nobody, who is the leader of a covert ops team who has appeared in previous movie throughout the series. Eric ends up working with the team trying to stop Dom and Cipher. Scott Eastwood was a good addition to the cast and storyline; as any newcomer to the group the guys were not easy on him which resulted in a few good jokes throughout the movie. There were a few characters from previous movies that made some appearances, which it is always nice to see. I wont tell you who or when they appear – you will have to see the movie to find out!

Overall, I give a 2 thumbs up to The Fate of the Furious cast and crew. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who has watched any of the other movies in the series, who likes cars and explosions, or who just wants a good movie that will make you laugh! this is a perfect movie to enjoy alone, with friends, or as a date night. Though the movie was not the same without Brain (Paul Walker), I think the movie did him good and he would be proud. The audience does find out what caused Dom do go against his family and we are left with anticipation for what is next to come. Thankfully the Fast and the Furious franchise has already been confirmed for 2 more movies!


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