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Something New: April 2017

New Product

I decided to try out a new product this month, many have probably heard of it before – Essential Oils. I personally have heard of essential oils for probably the last year but never tried them. I have heard of many different companies selling essential oils and never knew which was the best or which to try. Lucky for me, Devin, a girl I went to college with actually read my blog and saw that I was trying new things each month. Devin is a wellness advocate who uses and sells essential oils with the company doTerra. Devin reached out and after learning I had never tried essential oils asked if I would want to try some samples from her company, to which I said OF COURSE!

After telling Devin what I was looking to gain from the essential oils and how I was hoping to use them, she gave me 4 products; a Wild orange roller bottle, a peppermint roller bottle, a serenity roller bottle, and a lavender spray bottle. The wild orange roller I usually use in the morning as it’s for anxiety and as mood booster; since I am NOT a morning person I can always use some help in the morning. The peppermint roller I used the least as that is more for headaches, alertness, and fatigue; when I did have a headache I choose to use this instead of Advil or ibuprofen and it seemed to do the trick! The serenity roller and the lavender spray I used every day before bed as they help with relaxation and sleep. I would use the roller on my wrists then use 2-3 spays on my pillow, it did seem like in April I was able to fall asleep easier and be more relaxed at night.

I have to say my experience with the essential oils I tried have been great. I enjoyed all the different smells; they were not over powering but very relaxing and full of fragrant. I think the essential oils I used at night were my favorite and most effective, I really enjoyed the combination of the roller and the spray. The only downside with the oils is that one day I used the Wild orange roller on my wrist and then put on a white long sleeve shirt right away, it stained the shirt just a little but that was my fault. I know I only tried a few oils but I enjoyed them. I personally follow Devin’s essential oils Facebook page; she shares a lot of great information on the products there! She also holds monthly live online sessions on how to use the oils safely and effectively.  So, if you have ever considered trying essential oils or want to just learn check out Devin’s site or reach out to her, I know she would love to answer any questions you have!

New Restaurants

In April I tried out two new restaurants. The 1st place I went to was Pub 819 which is located in “downtown” Hopkins; I went there on a Friday night and the place was busy. Luckily, my friend and I got one of the last 2 seater tables and didn’t have to wait! Thought the place is called a pub it didn’t have the feel I was expecting. I don’t know how exactly to put it into words, but it was brighter and had more of a restaurant feeling to it then I had expected. Because I am trying to watch what I eat and am a creature of habit, I went with the turkey burger. I I really enjoyed the chipotle mayo and avocado, they made the sand which. I thought the food was flavorful and a good value for the price. I would like to go back some time for happy hour or for trivia night.

The 2nd restaurant I went to was Rudy’s Redeye Grill in Rosemount, I went there with family after a fun event (keep reading to find out what that was). There were 7 of us out on a Saturday night, luckily my aunt made reservations cause the place was busy the entire time we were there. Right away I loved the atmosphere; whether it be the deep red walls that were filled with different photos/paintings, or the layout of the place, or the fact that there was a live band there – evening just felt very welcoming. After ordering drinks, the waitress brought out the popovers and honey butter. I am not sure if it was because I hadn’t eaten since lunch, but they were delicious, I definitely had more than one! For my meal, I once again went with a turkey burger and ordered a cup of chicken wild rice soups. The soup was okay, it was water based and I prefer when chicken wild rice is cream based, though it was flavorful. The turkey burger was sadly disappointing; no spicy sauce or avocado, honestly the burger was lacking in flavor. I really noticed it when I tried my sister’s wild rice burger, which was loaded with flavor – wish I would have ordered that. A few people in my group ordered the walleye dinner and all agreed it was delicious, I am not much of a fish person so I can’t speak to it. Though what I ordered wasn’t ideal, there was food there that I liked and I had a fun time, I won’t mind going back some time and maybe trying something other than a burger.

New Activity

A few weeks ago, the women in my family and I all went to Rustic Junk’tion in Rosemount for a fun afternoon of wooden sign making. We booked a private party in celebration of my cousin Kelsey’s upcoming wedding. When we booked the event we also choose what signs we would be doing. The company had many options to choose from but if we found other ideas online we could also do those. When we got to Rustic Junk’tion the first thing I noticed was how cute the store was, if I wasn’t there to make a sign I probably would have purchased something that was already made and hanging on the wall there.

When we were told the event would take 2-3 hours I was slightly surprised and confused, I figured staining and painting signs won’t take that long. It turns out though, that we also assembled the wooden boards to make our given signs, choose and apply our stain and/or whitewash, lay down your stencils and then after choosing your paint color for the words, paint! Depending on the size of your sign, the number of stencils needed, and how many coats of stain you choose to put on your sign the length to complete the project varied. I had a smaller sign, only did one coat of stain and so my sign didn’t take long to complete. There were 2 ladies who helped us throughout the entire process, they were really fun and helpful!

After 2.5 hours all 7 of us complete our signs and we were all thrilled with the results! If you haven’t made a wooden sign before, try it out. The prices weren’t bad for what you walked away with, plus can you really put a price on a fun day spent with your family or friends? Checkout the picture below to see the signs we made!



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