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Everything Everything (2017)



Have you heard of the movie Everything Everything yet? If not, that’s okay it doesn’t hit theaters till May 19th but be sure to check out the trailer, HERE. I was lucky enough to be able to go to an advance screening as part of Falen from KDWB’s book club (sometimes we read books then go see the movie, SCORE!). I will admit, I did not read the book prior to the movie, so I cannot make any comparisons.

The Characters

If you are anything like me, you watched the trailer and were thinking, why do these two main characters look so familiar? Okay, maybe you weren’t thinking that, but now you are. Well both actors have been in movies recently. The main character, Maddie is played by Amanda Stenberg, who can be most recognized for her role as Rue from The Hunger Games.  Olly, the boy next door in the movie is played by Nick Robinson who was recently in the movies Jurassic World and The 5th Wave, along with his past role on the TV show Melissa and Joey. I thought both actors did well for what they were called to do for the movie. I was pleasantly surprised with Amanda, as I have not seen her in anything since The Hunger Games. There were other characters in the movie, but it was primarily about these two.

Recap of the Movie

If you have ever felt trapped or limited, you might be able to understand how Maddie feels. She is an 18 year old who has not left the house since she was a few months old. She lives with her mother and besides her nurse and the nurses daughter doesn’t interact in person with people. Maddie goes to school online and is a part of many online chats and clubs but something is missing. When Maddie gets a new neighbor, Olly, they notice each other right away. The audience gets to see them get to know one another via text messages and phone calls, but soon that is not enough. They need to meet in person, which is forbidden, but they do it. The movie follows as these two start falling in love and then go on an adventure to figure out… is Maddie really as she has been told she is?!

My Thoughts

The storyline was cute, I thought the 1st romance relationship was displayed perfectly; slightly awkward but exciting and addicting. There was a good amount of foreshadowing throughout the movie and the ending is similar to what I thought it would be, though the answer to the big question (is Maddie really sick) is not answered until the VERY last minute. I hate to say it, but the movie to me was very one tone and I could tell they tried to add dimension to the movie, but for me it just fell short. I am someone who can connect to movies and when I do they stick with me; For example with the movie, Me Before You I was able to have an emotional connection with the movie. With Everything Everything, it lacked that all wanting connection. I think part of that was because the movie seemed to be geared more towards teenagers, maybe I am wrong, but that was the vibe it gave off to me. After seeing the movie, I found that the movie was categorized as a drama and romance. I think this genre is WAY off, if I were to categorize it I would place it under family, adventure, and romance. I thought it lacked the sitting on the edge of your seat moments that I think are crucial for any movie claiming to be a drama.

Overall, not a bad movie just not one I will be watching over and over again or probably purchasing. If you are wanting to see this movie go ahead, it hits theaters in 2 week Friday, May 19th. If you go, Just don’t set you expectations too high or go and enjoy it as a movie with your family – probably not the ideal date night movie for adults!


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