Fitness Journey

Fitness Journey: #4

What keeps me going during my workouts

In my last fitness post I talked about motivation and what is was that specifically motivates me to GO to the gym/ workout. As I said before, motivation is a key component to a fitness journey and you can (and should) have motivations for multiple things. As you already know what motivates me to go to the gym and workout, I now want to discuss what motivates me to stay there and push myself more.

For some people these motivations might be the same, but for me they are different. I think the reason they are different is because yes I can get myself to the gym, but when I want to quit or be done with a workout I need to a little something extra to keep me going. My motivations for getting me to the gym where more goal based, what motivates me to keep going or workout longer is more encouragement based.

So you might be wondering, what motivated me to stay at the gym longer and keep pushing through different workouts?!? In 2016, there were 2 big motivations.

  • Being able to watch a TV show all the way through. This might seem stupid to some, but I don’t have cable at the moment and so it was great to be able to just watch a TV show and not even realize how much time has passed. I don’t like leaving before knowing how something ends, so having to stay till the end of an episode helped me stay at the gym longer, even when I was tired and wanted to leave.
  • The other motivation for me was a quote that I once heard and I now repeat it over and over again when I am tired and want to quit at the gym. The quote is, “she believed she could, so she did!” I think the more I continued to say this quote, the more it became true. I started to believe more and more that I could make it through these longer and harder workouts. Remember, being in the correct mindset is a BIG component to anyone’s fitness journey!

Unlike with my motivations for going to the gym, my motivations for staying were not things I could check off or where not goals I made. So for 2017, these two motivations still hold true for me. Just as before, I found other things to also motivate me to stay. To be honest, 2017 has been hard. I have not lost weight as quickly as I did in 2016, so I have needed more motivation to keep going. Let’s talk about what has helped me keep going at the gym this year.

  • Its only one additional thing, but it’s a HUGE motivator for me – the love and support my friends and family have shown me through my journey! One example of this would be when I 1st shared just a little bit about my weight loss on Facebook with side by side pictures of me. That post on Facebook got over 250 likes and 30+ encouraging comments! Some people may say they don’t care what others say, and they may mean it but for me I do care. I try not to let it define me, but having my friends and family support and encouragement means the word to me!

So for me that’s it! I have found what I need to get me to workout and what keeps me pushing through.  I know that these motivations aren’t necessarily going to be the same for everyone, but I encourage anyone who is wanting or currently on a fitness journey to figure out what it is that will encourage and motivate them to keep going. Trust me I know, working out is NOT easy, but it IS worth it! Enjoy my post gym selfie below 😉

FullSizeRender (4)


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