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Baywatch (2017)

screen-shot-2017-04-19-at-9-32-34-am-copyBaywatch the movie, hit theaters on May 25th just in time for the holiday weekend, a great way to kick off summer. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out HERE. The movie is a continuation of the hit 90s show keeping with the spirit and heart of the show, but bringing it into the 21st century in big screen fashion. I did not grow up watching Baywatch as a kid, however I have watched a few episodes here and there so I knew the BIG characters were David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson and the show was known for the red swimsuits. As I did NOT grow up watching the show, I will not be comparing the two. This is solely my opinions on the movie alone.

The Cast

If anyone knows me, they know I am a HUGE Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson fan, so I was pumped that he was going to be staring in this movie. Growing up watching Disney Channel, Zac Efron has been a long favorite actor of mine. Both actors are great on their own, by together they are spectacular! I think they both played their roles perfectly! Zac played Matt Brody, an Olympic medalist in swimming who has been recruited to become a Baywatch lifeguard. Matt Brody comes off as the all-knowing, thinks he is all that newbie, but quickly learns that swimming in a pool is not the same as the ocean and that there is more to the job then just saving lives in the water. Dwayne Johnson plays Mitch Buchannon, the character David Hasselhoff once played. Mitch runs the beach and is in charge of the lifeguards and has no time for pretty boy Brody. Watching these two characters on screen was hilarious – imagine the Rock as an older brother who is constantly making fun of his younger brother and the younger brother deserves it. Thought the movie was centered heavily around these 2 characters, there are 5 others who were also a central part of the movie.

I love being able to say that 4 of those 5 other characters are ladies!!!! Let’s first talk about the villain of the movie, Victoria Leeds played by non-other than Priyanka Chopra. I had first heard of Priyanka in 2015 when she appeared as the star characters of the TV show, Quantico. Though she plays a hero on the show Quantico perfectly, she did not miss a beat as the deceptive and greedy character in Baywatch. Next up we have our 3 lady lifeguards Summer Quinn, played by Alexandra Daddario, Stephanie Holden, played by Ilfenesh Hadera, and CJ Parker,played by Kelly Rohrbach. This was the 1st time I had seen Kelly and Ilfenesh in anything. Kelly played the role of the dreamy blonde perfectly – she was gorgeous in a swimsuit, dream body! The character of Stephanie was one I kind of forgot about, she didn’t have many lines (that were memorable) and was more of the silent 2nd in command leader type throughout the film. Alexandra has appeared in a few movies and shows that I have seen so I was familiar with her. I loved seeing her acting again with The Rock – they were in San Andreas together a few years back. In the film she was one of the newbies on the lifeguard team and we as the audience got to watch her journey unfold. One of my favorite characters of the film though was Ronnie Greenbaum, played by Jon Baas. Ronnie was the unlikely lifeguard choice with regards to looks but you are left rooting for him to succeed throughout the film. Many of the hilarious scene in the film revolve around Ronnie!

The Movie

I thought it was hilarious, from beginning to end. I was nervous because before seeing the movie I had read a few movie critic reviews that said the film was not funny, but man were they wrong! I told a co-worker this week that if you don’t know who Zac Efron was or some of the projects he has worked on, then there might be some jokes in the movie that might be missed. Many of these jokes as Brody’s expense came from Mitch (Dwayne Johnson) which made them all the more hilarious cause he would present the remarks with almost an “I don’t give a Fuck” type of attitude which just made the scenes that much more funny.

The storyline of the movie for the most part was what I expected it to be – there was a villain (Victoria Leeds) up to no good and the lifeguards were going to try and figure out what was going down on their beach. There were some surprises throughout the movie including cameos and the way in which the villain is taken care of. There were other things that I found to be less surprising like who ends up with who in the movie, as you are rooting for this pair to get together the whole time. I loved that Baywatch is known for the red swimsuits, which you will find in the movie but there seems to be more options then I had noticed in the the TV shows – loves all the suits I saw in the movie!

I am going to keep the review pretty simple and short as I don’t want to give much away. If you are looking for a good laugh and a fun night out, go see this movie! The poster of for the movie says “Beaches Ain’t Ready” well beaches and movie critics might not be, but the fans truly are! There has not been one person I know who has seen the movie and been disappointed!


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