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Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017)

Captain-Underpants-New-posterSo let’s be real, I like animated movies, but this is NOT my first choice in animated movies. I have never been one for comics books. That doesn’t mean I don’t love the Marvel movies (yes, I know they are based of the comic books) but those aren’t animated and this one was. IDK exactly why I love those movies, expect that there awesome! Okay, back to Captain Underpants If you haven’t seen the previews yet for the Captain Underpants movie, check it out HERE.

You might be wondering, if I don’t care to see an animated movie based off a comic book then why did I go see it? Well I did it for family. I have a 9 year old cousin and for his birthday this year I told him I would take him out on a date. I gave him 4 options, he choose dinner and a movie. Unfortunately, for his age movies are either a little below his level or a little above. Right now there aren’t many kid friendly movies out. Our options were the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and Captain Underpants. Well, my aunt decided that the new Pirates movie might be a little too much and over the top for my cousin so we went to see Captain Underpants. My cousin wasn’t thrilled, but he has read the comics so we gave the movie a shot. I decided to have an open mind, for all I knew I might like this movie.

The Movie

Besides the previews of the movie, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know the story behind who Captain Underpants was or where he came from. Those questions were answered in the first five minutes of the movie. I learned that two elementary school best friends, who are very creative and are big pranksters named George and Harold came up with Captain Underpants. I loved their reasoning behind it, “Most superhero’s look like they are flying around in their underwear so why not create a superhero that actually was!” The movie follows these characters as they hypnotize their “evil” or just plain mean principal Mr. Krupp into thinking he is Captain Underpants from the comic books they created and he confiscated. As the story unfolds we learn more about the best friends, Captain Underpants, Mr. Krupp, and fight off a new evil all while trying to do whatever it takes to keep George and Harold from being separated. There is of course a plot twist in the movie, one that the creators of Captain Underpants never saw coming.

My Thoughts

Overall, I did NOT care for the movie, neither did my cousin. We were both bored; whether that be because the movie was too short (were talking like an hour and 10 minutes max) or the fact that it was very much one tone. There were very few jokes or phrases that were memorable. The few jokes I do recall from the movie were about marriage and how once you’re married you seem to not like each other anymore, the other joke had to do with having no humor and they compared that to being a chair or a supermodel. There was one scene when George and Harold were talking to the truly evil character (not going to spoil who it is) and they tell him that the problem isn’t that people are laughing at him, but that he can’t laugh at himself. I thought this was probably the most real and memorable part of the movie. It’s a great lesson to hear again and remember to take with you.

As an adult, I know this movie was not targeted for me. But there have been many children’s cartoon movies in which I have seen that have been more entertaining and enjoyable them this. For a movie with EPIC in the title, I feel like this film was just lacking. If you have a young child (less than 6 years old) and they are interested in seeing this movie, they will probably enjoy it. But it is in no way geared to older children or adult audiences.

My cousin and I before the movie began.


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