2017: Something New · Something New

Something New: June 2017

New Experience (up north!)

IMG_0667As someone who was born and raised in Minnesota, most would expect that I not only know how to fish but it’s something any Minnesotan does all the time. That’s not so much the case for me. Since I was a child I have not gone fishing. That changed in June! I not only went fishing for the 1st time as an adult, but I also went fishing off a boat, got my fishing license, and was in a cabin fishing tournament! To be honest, I did NOT know that in order to fish you needed a fishing license. But on June 16th I went to a Holiday Gas Station and purchased mine! I was surprised that you could get them at a gas station. When I first learned that you needed on I figure they would be sold only at sports/hunting/outdoor type of stores. Obviously I was wrong and had A LOT to learn about fishing. I was pretty upset that no one checked my license the day I went fishing, like what the heck!?

When it came down to the finishing tournament, it was myself, Doug, and Clarence in 1 IMG_0520boat and my mom, Chuck and Paul in another boat. The tournament that the guys had created a few years ago had some very specific rules; 4 hours of finishing, fishing for Bass, must be at least 12 inches long, only can keep 7 Bass and the boat with the heaviest weight in fish won! I thought we were keeping all the fish we caught, NOPE! I l guess not many people actually keep and eat Bass so whatever we caught would be released at the end of the day. During the 4 hours on the boat I not only got a good tan (my plan all along) but I also learned about fishing. I only had 1 fishing pole to use, but I learned more avid fishermen bring multiple. The pole I used was a spin case reel which is what I remembered using as a kid. For some time on the boat, Doug let me use his spinning reel, I did NOT like that as much. I also learned about what spinners were, though I had one on my reel it didn’t seem to help me much with regards to catching fish. FullSizeRender (8)

As the day went on, I got more confident in casting out a line and the distance in which I was casting out continued to improve. I was very excited when I caught my first fish, unfortunately is was a Northern, not a Bass. I ended up not catching a single Bass in those 4 hours of fishing… sad day for me. Even though that was the case, the guys in my boat did catch bass – so much so we ended up with the heaviest fish! We won the tournament! As the winners we were all going to hold a Bass and get our pictures taken with them. I attempted that… but only lasted a few seconds until the Bass in my hand decided to move and I ended up dropping it on the gravel road. No worries, the fish lived but I obviously didn’t hold it again. Overall, I had fun learning to fish and hope to do it again! My fishing license is good through February of 2018, so I might end up trying out ice fishing, you never know maybe I’ll be better at that. Enjoy some of the pictures from my fishing experience.



New Restaurants

In June I tried 2 new restaurants. The first was after my exciting day of fishing that ended with an intense storm (including hail) the group of us decided that we would go out to eat for dinner. We took a little drive up to Cloquet, MN and went to Pedro’s Grill and Cantina. If you can’t tell by the name, this was a Mexican restaurant. When you walk in, the place seems EXTREMELY small however I quickly learned that off to both the right and the left are 2 more dinner spaces. The place felt more authentic & less Americanized compared to other Mexican restaurants; I noticed it with the decor of the place, but the most with our waiter as he primarily spoke Spanish (made me miss Mexico!). The menu selection was HUIGE, there were so many options I didn’t even know where to look first. I ended up deciding on the Classic Chimichanga. It was quit the wait till our meal came but our waiter was good overall with regards to keeping our chips and salsa full, as with the beers. Be sure if you only want 1 to let them know right away, our waiter kept bringing them without asking and they were NOT unlimited for a set price ha. I didn’t love what I ordered but that’s because I am used to and prefer my chimichangas to be nice and crispy which they weren’t, the flavor though was good. Not too sure I will be visiting this place again in the near future, but if your up north maybe check it out!

The other restaurant I went to was in the twin cities, located on the corner of Lyndale and Franklin you will find Rudolphs. The restaurant itself was easy enough to find, the parking lot on the other hand was not, but that is just because of the direction in which I came from and me not being familiar with the area. Walking in the 1st thing I noticed was the feeling or the place, reminded me of an old Hollywood vibe and then I noticed all the photos on the wall. I learned that the owner who opened the restaurant in 1975 names it after the legendary silent screen movie idol Rudolph Valentino – that’s who appears in all the photos around the restaurant. For a restaurant known for its BBQ our group decided to get rip tips as an appetizer to share and also decided on the skillet cornbread. Unfortunately the service wasn’t that great here, but that could have been due to it being father’s day and the place being busy but out wait for out food was LONG! The waitress really disappointed out table of 7 when we had to ask about our appetizers and find that she never placed the order… we got our meals before we got those, we were not happy and very hungry at that point. I ordered the pepper burger and it wasn’t anything too special, but I tried my sister’s garden burger and the spices in that were SO good! My favorite thing though was hands down the cornbread. I would love to go back here another time, when it’s not as busy and really enjoy the place as I love its history and would like to try more of the BBQ that originated the place!

SORRY NO FOOD PICS, was too hungry when the food came at both restaurants!



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