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Wanted by J.Kenner

Like I have said in past book review posts, not all the books I read are my idea, some come from being apart of a book club. My latest read was one of those book club choices. This was the first time in the history of Falen’s book club that she has chosen a ‘smut’ or ‘erotic’ book for us ladies to read. Falen presented a few book options in this genre to book club in May and Wanted was chosen because of the cover, can’t blame the ladies for that, can you?! For this being the 1st book of its kind in book club history, I like many others there were not disappointed!

The Book Breakdown

This is a book that follows Angelina (goes by Angie now but used to go by Lina) who is a young 20 something who has gone through her share of hard times. After losing one of her closest family members, her uncle Jahn (pronounced john), she reconnects with Evan Black. Evan is a few years older than Angie, but that didn’t stop her from having a secret crush on him since the moment she met him when she was a teenager. Now, no longer a teenager Angie finds herself wanting to be with Evan more than ever before. The questions Angie is left with is, does Evan want to be with her and if he does, should they truly be together? The book follows these characters as these questions are answered and like any relationship especially when sex is involved, the answers are never easy. Both Angie and Evan hold secrets and have pasts that neither are too familiar with. As the secrets come out we see how this affects the characters and their relationship.

My Take on the Book

After reading the back of the book I was instantly hooked because it seemed that the storyline was going to be about a forbidden type of love and as a hopeless romantic I was ready to see how the story unfolded. I was pleased with the story and found the background story for both Angie and Evan to be very intriguing. There were times when I found myself almost yelling at the characters to just talk to one another and tell their secrets, like seriously why do couples not get that communication is key?! Though some of the book club readers thought Angie at times was hard to understand, but I followed along and understood here completely. She was struggling with her own battles which made her sometimes unsure of what she wanted, something I think most people can relate to. Evan, like any other male in these sort of books was handsome and rich; I mean who is going to fantasize and read a book about an ugly poor guy? Not really what women want to read about, especially with these kinds of books.

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the book – the smut part. The sexual scenes in the book were extremely detailed and painted a very clear picture of what was happening. The author did not shy away from using words like clit, cunt, and cock throughout the book. My biggest complaint (like others in book club) was how long the reader had to wait till the characters actually had sex! We are talking over 200 pages of waiting! Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of other sexual acts before then, but that was all a tease, we felt it just as much as Angie did. I have to give credit to the author for writing a book in such a way that allowed the reader to go through similar feelings as Angie.

This book is a series of 3 which at first I was unsure how that was going to go down. When the book was coming to an end though, there seemed to be a few loose ends that I thought would lead the author into the next book. But instead those were all wrapped up, a little too quickly for my liking. But the author did include the 1st chapter of the next book at the end, after reading I think I have somewhat of an understanding where the author is going to go with the next 2 books and I am intrigued. As you can probably guess, I intend to read the other 2 books in due time. After reading this book, I learned that the STARK trilogy by this author is about Evan Black; it seems like there is more to his story… I might be set on books for awhile, ha. If you are intrigued even a little, I recommend you check this one out. I will leave you with a quote from the book to give you an idea of what to expect, “I was already wet, my sex hot, my panties cling to me. The bit of cool air that sneaked in under the loose folds of material did little to quell the fire inside me (pg. 164).”

Myself and Falen at June book club

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