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Wonder Woman (2017)


So I am coming a little late to the party with this movie. Wonder Woman hit theaters on June 2nd, 2017 and it has taken me about a month to finally see it.. oops! If you haven’t seen the movie yet (trust me it’s one you will want to check out), enjoy the trailer for now HERE.

Movie Breakdown

The movie starts out in present day but quickly changes to where the story truly began. We are shown a young Diana Prince (aka wonder woman) and watch her train and grown into an Amazonian warrior that she was destined to be, not that she truly knows what that destiny entails. Diana grows up on a Mediterranean island; which is very magical feeling with the historic castle, countless horses, and hills for days. The island itself, is protected by an invisible shield that keeps others/humans from finding it. That is until Diana comes into her full fighting abilities and unknowingly breaks the power of the shield. Steve Prince “breaks” through the barriers shielding the island and Diana saves him from dying in the sea.

Learning that there is true trouble in the word, Diana insists on leaving with Steve a spy for the Allies during World War I. Diana is confident that it is her responsibility to go on a mission to where the War to End All Wars is as she believe she can and should stop it. Leaving means that she will be leaving everything and everyone she has ever known, but she knows this is what must be done. We follow the characters as they make their journey through London and then to Belgium, along the way meeting new characters and seeing just who Diana Prince is and what she is truly capable of.

My Thoughts

Let me just say it, FINALLY! This is a movie that has been long overdue, I mean how many Spiderman remakes have there been and we are NOW just getting the Wonder Woman movie!? Though it has taken awhile for MARVEL to produce a female lead super hero movie, the wait might have been worth it. This movie was PHENOMENAL! For starters the movie was long and for me I appreciate that! There was a lot of content and story line but it did not feel rushed. I was familiar to some extent with the character of Wonder Woman but did not know her history or how she came to be, so I found that having that background was very important and appreciated. The storyline itself is not fully predictable, until the very ending. I had hoped that i would be wrong with what I thought was going to happen – I wasn’t.

I LOVED Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman! I became familiar with her work when she appeared in a few of the Fast and the Furious movies. This time she was the main character of the film and in my opinion,  there is no one out there that I could think of who would have been able to more accurately depict the beauty, integrity, and strength that she brought to life on screen for her character. There were many action/fighting scenes in the movie and I was blown away to find that Gal did many of her own stunts and some while she was pregnant! All the more respect to her and it shows, she truly is wonder woman in her own right. The character of Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine was one that I also enjoyed. A human who may be flawed and done some wrong doings in his time, but in the end wants to fight for goodness and saving the world, at whatever cost. I truly enjoyed the scenes between these two characters. It was interesting to see them from two different ways of life, learn about and from one another, and work together to fight for humanity.

This is a movie that not only every woman should see but also every man. There is so much to the movie with all the action and a jammed pack movie. It does not shy away from the typical Marvel movie move of having some sort of love story intertwined in, but I love that! I think there is something encouraging and relatable that everyone can take away from this movie, whether that be a character or a situation. The movie was worth the wait and I think it was exceptionally well done! Good job Marvel!

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