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Fitness Journey #6

Below are my pet peeves of people at the gym. There are other things that drive me crazy like machines being broken for an extended period of time, but the ones I wanted to talk about today are things that people do. If you go to the gym I ask 2 things: 1) Think about if you do any of these and if you do, STOP! 2) Share your gym pet peeves with me! I would love to know what bothers others at the gym.

1) Someone using the machine right next to me.

Okay so this might not seem like a big deal to some people, but I like my space. This has NOTHING to do with me being a big girl, but everything to do with someone being in my bubble. When I work out I am in the zone but the moment someone comes and starts using the machine right next to me, everything is ruined! I get with smaller gyms (like my work has) and there are only a few of each machine, but in big gyms when there are 5 + of each and I am the only one using this particular machine… there are 4 others meaning even if I was in the middle of 2, there are 2 free ones still!

2) Not wiping down your machine when you are done.

This is just plain old gross! Some people might be thinking oh come on everyone wipes down their machines, well you would be WRONG! I have watched countless times as people work up a sweat and touch their machines and then just leave the gym. Mind you most if not all gyms provide cleaning products to users. I have now resorted to cleaning my machine before and after use because I just don’t know what was done to it before I got there and I want to make sure I do my part and clean it when I’m done! \

3) Changing the channel of the TV(s) in the gym.

I believe I discussed this in a past post but one thing that keeps me motivated while at the gym is watching a TV show. So no surprise but it drives me nuts when someone walks into the gym after I have been there for some time and they decide they are going to change the channel on the shared TV without asking anyone or checking to see who is watching it. I mean me staring at the TV with no headphones in and the volume up on the TV is obviously not an indication that I am watching, right?! Like seriously people!

4) Leaving your stuff at/on a machine and then going to use another one.

This might once again be more of an issue at a small gym, but it has happened to me at planet fitness and when I used to go to Lifetime so I know it happens everywhere. This might not seem like a big issue when there are more than 1 of a given machine, but if you’re like me and don’t like to work out RIGHT next to someone it limits the machines I can use. It becomes a bigger problem when there is only 1 of the given machine. No one wants to assume that you are coming back to your machine, so instead of being able to use it because someone’s stuff is there it now goes unused. Obviously this doesn’t affect the person who left their stuff on the machine, but it affects others at the gym. As you don’t own the gym and everyone is there to share the space, I just ask that everyone be conscious of this.

5) Not using the interval training rooms correctly.

I just recently started going to planet fitness on the weekends with my mom – yay for her having a membership and it coming with unlimited guest passes! For those of you how haven’t been there, let me tell you it’s great! There are SO many machines and they even have different breakout rooms. One of my favorites is the interval room. There is a big green and red light on the back wall, there are 20 stations (10 are steps and the other 10 are machines) you are at each station for 1 minute and then you have 30 seconds of break and to move to the next station. Mind you each station is labeled. You do not have to start with station 1, but if you start with station 5 your next station is obviously station 6, and so on. There have been countless times when people come in and do like 5 minutes on the machines in the interval room paying no regard to myself or others who are in there trying to use those machines in the intervals that the room is designed for. Oh and the kicker? Most if not all of the interval machines are also located in the gym not in this room. Honestly, people drive me nuts sometimes! haha

6) Asking for my machine/ equipment or how long I’ll be using it for.

You might be thinking, “This doesn’t happen, does it?” Well I am here to tell you it does and it is annoying! This might just happen at small gyms (like my work one) because there are a limited number of weights and machines. I vividly remember the 1st time it happened. I went down on my lunch break and wanted to use one of the stationary bikes. Well that only gives my core and legs a workout so I added in weights for my arms. Every 2 minutes I spend 60 seconds doing some sort of weight exercise for my arms and then break for 2 minutes. I was not even 5 minutes into my workout when a fit girl comes over and asks if I am actually using the weights – I was on a 2 minute rest but still pedaling. I explained that I was and then she gave me attitude asking how long I would be using them and tried telling me off saying I should be using them the whole time. I put her in her place telling her that how I work out is none of her business and if she wants weights there are more, she could choose to either wait till I was done or choose a different weight set. This annoyed me SO much! I ask anyone who goes to the gym – do NOT be that girl, every! And if you are fit do NOT think you can intimate someone who is less fit to give up what they are using so you can have it!

7) Judging looks from “fit” people to “not as fit” people.

I have not had this happen to me as much as I have witnessed, but it still pisses me off! I am sorry, but people are here to get in shape. Good for you if you were born with great genes or just have never gained a tone of weight but many people have! I know it takes A LOT to get the courage to go to the gym as it can be scary, intimidating, and sometimes feel defeating but we should be encouraging people to go there NOT tearing them down because they aren’t “fit” enough yet.

Enjoy my NON-gym workout pic from this last weekend. It was too nice out to be inside dealing with people who might drive me nuts ha. Instead I opted for a 2 hour walk to and around Lake Calhoun.



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