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Something New: July 2017 – Part 1

July was a busy month filled with many new experience. So much so, I decided to split things up into 2 posts. I tried 3 new events/activities and 3 new restaurants last month. For Part 1, I wanted to share the new events. Stay tuned for Part 2, will be up soon.

Event #1: Lake Calhoun

Let me be the one to say it first…I am a HORRIBLE Minnesotan. I have lived here for 25 years and until July of 2017, I had never been to Lake Calhoun. I have driven around it at night with friends, but never have I walked around it or been to one of the beach spots at the Lake. That all changed in July. I spent 1 afternoon with a friend just sitting in the grass and just talking and taking in the scenery. I spent another day at one of the beach locations on the lake – the one closest to the restaurant Urban Eatery. Finally, I decided I needed to see the WHOLE Lake so I walked to and around it. I learned there were 3 main beach locations and people were sure to use each one. I found it fascinating that you could learn to sail, rent paddle boards and even bikes at the lake! I loved seeing all the different people who were there, all the dogs, and the different activities people were doing. Each time I went to Lake Calhoun I left feeling relaxed and enjoyed my time there! So excited to be living close enough to walk here and be able to continue enjoying all it has to offer.

FullSizeRender (2)

Event #2: Concert @ the Twins Stadium

Last weekend was busy! I started off the weekend with going to my 1st concert at the Twins stadium on Saturday, July 29th. If you don’t live in Minnesota or just didn’t know, the concerts was Chris Lane, Nelly, The Backstreet Boys, and Florida Georgia Line. I have (kind of) seen The Backstreet Boys in concert before when I was younger and recently saw Florida Georgia Line open for Justin Aldean. Even so, I was most excited to see these two acts again; I mean I grew up in the 90’s so I will FOREVER be a Backstreet Boys fan! The concert was great! It started at 6pm and didn’t end until around 11pm. There were about 60,000 people there but luckily for me the people who bought the tickets next to me didn’t show so I had room to move and dance as much as I wanted to. As expected, the drinks were spendy, but the best ‘bang for your buck’ was the Malibu bucket which was 32 ounces of alcohol for $19! Though I was seated in the upper section, the great weather,  and wonderful performances made for a fun night out at a true Minnesota venue. Leaving the concert was crazy and from what I hear, trying to get an uber or lift was spendy!

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (4)l

Event #3: Dancing with the stars LIVE

I have been a HUGE fan of Dancing with the Stars since the beginning but have never made it to a live show. Luckily, on Sunday July 30th they were in Minneapolis performing at State Theater. In all honesty, I had never heard of state theater before. It was cute and had a historic feel to it and the smallness of it (especially compared to the Twins stadium) created a very intimate feeling. My friend and I were seated in the upper balcony area, the seats weren’t ½ bad but were note close to the sage by any. The show itself was less than 2 hours long which included a 15 minute intermission. Though I wished it was longer I know those dancers were working hard during the show. I truly loved how they included dances from the show but also new ones! My favorite part was the commentary and jokes that played up who the dancers were. Unfortunately after the show no stars came out to meet the fans but I WAS 2 feet away from Sharna for all of 30 seconds while she went to her van told us fans she was sorry but she had to leave for the airport right away and then left. I was so shocked to see her and kind of star struck that I didn’t even think to take a picture of her or turn to do a selfie with her in the back… even with the phone in my hand.



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