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Something New: July 2017 – Part 2

YAY for trying new things! As someone who likes to eat, not going to lie it is always fun for me to go to a new restaurant and see what its all about. Here is part 2 of my my July Something New adventure. If you have ever been to these restaurants I would LOVE to hear your experiences and what you recommend to order there.

Restaurant #1: Urban Eatery in Uptown

After a fun day at Lake Calhoun, my friend and I decided we needed a drink (preferably a frozen one) and since it was so beautiful we knew we wanted to be outside! We found Urban Eatery was right across from the part of the lake we were tanning at. Right away we noticed we were a little under-dressed being in shorts with tank tops on top of our swimsuits. Well turns out, that they were NOT able to make our frozen daiquiris or margaritas we were so craving. Why? NO BLENDER! I am not sure how you can have a bar/restaurant in uptown without having a blender. We decided to stay none the less as we realized how hungry we were. For food we opted to order pretzels to share. They were $8 bucks and so NOT worth it! They were good but the portion was so small! I decided for my meal just to order the lettuce wraps off the appetizer menu. They were actually really flavorful and the portion was just right. There was a lot of sauce so it was quit messy. My friend and I agreed we didn’t care for our waiter as he didn’t say much and just seemed annoyed, but the water girl we LOVED! She was funny, talkative, and attentive. Might check this place out again, but next time I’ll be prepared and dress up a little more.



Restaurant #2: Bunny’s in St. Louis Park

I currently live in St. Louis Park and since I moved there my grandparents had told me there was a place called Bunny’s that has been around forever and have a GREAT Pork Tenderloin sandwich. Being the good granddaughter that I am, I invited my grandparents up to see my apartment and then get lunch at Bunny’s after. We went there on a Saturday arriving around 11:30am. Well, to our surprise, lunch on Saturdays doesn’t start until noon… so we had to wait a ½ hour to order. It wasn’t so bad waiting since there was complementary popcorn. I also checkout out the breakfast menu – the breakfast meals come with complementary bloody marys or screwdrivers… Score, right?! I plan to check that out sometime, but that day we were there for lunch. What also made the time pass was our PHENOMENAL waiter Ezra, he checked in on us and was at our table right at noon to get our orders in! He was very funny and attentive the whole meal. Since I had never ordered a Pork Tenderloin sandwich before I didn’t know what to expect. Turns out it comes with NOTHING on it. I learned my grandparents topped theirs with mustard, but I am not a fan of mustard. I opted for honey, ya I said honey… Erza our waiter gave me crap for that ha. The sandwich was so good! The perfect amount of batter which caused a great crispy exterior once fried. I opted to have fries with season sour cream to accompany my sandwich and the fries were PERFECTLY crispy, big deal for me since I love fries! I will for sure be back for lunch and to try out breakfast here in the near future! Sorry no pic of the delicious meal, felt like my grandparents might judge me a little for taking pictures of my food, ha.

Restaurant #3: Union Bar and Grill in Downtown Minneapolis

On Sunday, July 30th before heading to one of the new events I tried (check out part 1 of the July Something New post) keep reading to find out what that is) my friend and decided to get dinner nearby. Never going to Urban Bar and Grill we were very hopefully to sit up on the 3rd floor outdoor patio. We were put on the wait-list at 5pm and after over 45 minutes of waiting, we opted for the dining area indoors on the 1st floor. Luckily we were seated just in time to still get happy the happy hour deals. We opted to share an order of truffle fries and then for my main meal I was in the mood for pulled pork nachos. We were expecting regular fries, however what we got were thick cut spiral fries. They were good and the dipping sauce was great – we had to order a 2nd sauce, it was that good! When it came to my nachos I was slightly disappointed. The pork was seasoned well and juicy enough, but it was topped on what looked like and tasted like store bought chips. The saving grace of the dish was the guacamole as it had mangos in it! The mango guac was the shining star and definitely cooled down the nachos that were topped with jalapenos. Hands down out waitress was great! Her name is Amanda and if you ever back it to this restaurant, be sure to ask for her! She knew we were in a hurry to our event and made sure to get our orders in. She even gave us the happy hour discount on our food even though our orders were placed  AFTER happy hour time.




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