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Something New: August 2017

Wow, how was time flow?! I cannot believe how quickly the summer went, especially last month! Though I did not try many new things last month, I was very busy none the less. This thrills me so much because the whole reason I challenged myself to do new things each month was because I wanted to get out there and be less of a homebody. In August I did try out 3 new places.

New Place in Northeast

The first thing I tried out this month was something I had not planned on nor did I know what to expect. A new friend who was visiting the states wanted to go out to dancing one night and said he found a club that he really wanted to go till. Where did he want to go you might be wondering? Ground Zero. If you are like me and were not familiar with what Ground Zero is exactly, let me tell you what I experienced. So I have been to clubs before that were pretty much all the same with multiple bars, possibly a cover, and typical music – either country if at a country bar/club or pop music if at a regular bar/club. Well, Ground Zero was a little different.

Walking up to the place, I should have known it was going to be extremely different then the vibe The Front, which is located right next door has. It was ‘darker’ to put it best. Once inside I found out there was in fact a cover charge of $7 to get in (cash only). Though I know many clubs have these charges it is still odd for me since when I was going out dancing in college there were never any cover charges. Once inside I realized I was NOT dressed right; I was wearing a somewhat bright colored top while everyone else there was wearing primarily black. Not only was I wearing the wrong color (so it felt), I was also a little over dressed compared to the men wearing ass less chaps and the women wearing lace body suits or tops with nothing under them. I quickly realized the scene was in no way my kind of place, it had a “Gothic” vibe to it and that is just not me. Maybe the fact that I was pretty sober played a role, but I did not care to spend long there. I was very lucky that my group ended up only spending all of an hour there. In that time I did have a tasty cocktail, once again cash only – another thing I was not used to since I always use my card when out. Though my night at Ground Zero was not the night I expected, I learned from a co-worker that what I experienced could have been more extreme. My co-worker went there like me not knowing what to expect, but when she went it was fetish night so she witness people being chained up, being stepped on, and so much more. I felt lucky that I went when I did ha. I do not intend to be visiting Ground Zero again…

New Place in Uptown

On August 6th I found myself at a bar for brunch, but it was more than that as it was a benefit for a co-worker. My co-worker has breast cancer and had brunch benefit being thrown in her honor at The Fremont. I was excited to not only go and support my co-worker, but also to try out a new place! Finding the place was my first adventure of the day due to having to park blocks away and construction blocking my direct route. When I finally made it, I was kind of surprised at what I saw. I was expecting to walk in and tell someone what event I was there for and be directed to a private party room. Yay, that was not the case.  The whole place was 1 open room with additional seating out front. The benefit event was happening on the right side of the restaurant so it was not completely intimate, however that ended up making the event more fun. As part of the benefit there were many ways to give/ donate, you could pay $10 for unlimited Coors, purchase raffle tickets for the different drawings, or partake in the silent auction items. The great thing about the event being open to everyone at the restaurant was that people who were there just to have brunch were able to and did partake in the different benefit events going on. Not being much of a beer girl, I opted for the raffle tickets. The result? I ended up winning a total of $170 worth of gift cards to three different restaurants; Wendy’s, The Prairie Tap House, and The Suburban. The second two places I have never been to before and winning the gift cards gives me an excuse to try them in the future, YAY! drinks

The Fremont itself felt slightly small, but that could be just because of the benefit event that was going on that day. Though I did not order any food as I had eaten not long before arriving, my friend there did and the food did look good and I was told it tasted great! I did notice that the brunch menu was on the smaller side. I myself opted for the bottomless mimosas that went till 2pm, figured I couldn’t go wrong with that. They were of course, delicious! I would love to go back to The Fremont to watch a sports game, have dinner, or just a night out and see what it is like in those circumstances because the place had a good vibe, obviously cares about people as they organized the benefit event (including getting the donations), and the staff there was great with clearing places and getting drinks refilled quickly.

New Place Downtown

In August I had two weddings to attend, one of which I was the speaker so I was invited to partake in not only the rehearsal ceremony but also the grooms dinner. The grooms’ dinner was held at Rock Bottom Brewery. I had not only never been there before, nor ever heard of it. As there was a big group there, we were seated in a separate event room which was very spacious. I was pleased that there were 2 specific waiters in the room to assist us, however with close to 50 people there we could have used another waiter or 2. With only 1 hour of free liquor and many young adults we were ordering drinks left and right – I ordered 4 glasses of wine and 1 hard cider in an hour…oops. When the dinner began we ordered off a specific menu with only 3 meal options. Myself and others at my table opted for the burger and fries, both of which were delicious especially paired with the ranch dressing we continued to order. However, the star dish was actually the fish and chips meal! Someone at my table ordered it but was not all that hungry so let us all try some. I am not a huge seafood person but I would have traded meals with him had he wanted to. I highly recommend the fish and chips if anyone ever finds themselves there for a private party.  I enjoyed the food, service and environment so much that I would love to go back to Rock Bottom Brewery sometime, trying out the main menu in the spacious restaurant.


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