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Something New: September 2017

Life has been a little crazy these past few weeks and I can’t believe it’s already mid-October. Like SERIOUSLY! Where did the time go?! Looking back at September, I realized that my new things revolved around eating…oops. I plan to continue to try new foods and restaurants but I also want to try new experiences. For now, checkout what I tried last month, pictures included! If you have ever gone to these places too let me know! I would love to hear about your experiences!

MN State Fair

If you have never been to the Minnesota State Fair you are missing out! There are so many different food and beverage items there. Most years I stick to the same items but this year I decided to try a few new things. Green Mille has a stand at the fair and that’s where I found my new food item, the Pizzarito. What could be better than a pizza mixed with a burrito?! If was a burrito filled with rice, cheese, marinara, seasonings, and peperoni. Something I hope that Green Mille brings to its stores as it was DELICIOUS!

The other item I tried was a drink. A beer to be exact. This is somewhat big for me since I am NOT a beer girl, I usually go for ciders or cocktails. But Grain Belt had a new beer that after tasting my friends I purchased my own. Grain Belt Blu was a blueberry beer topped with a layer of blueberry icy. A perfect drink for a hot summer night at the fair! Another items I hope to see back at the fair next year!



Betty Dangers

Yup, that right -for a city girl you would think I would have been to Betty Dangers multiple times, but nope this was my first time there. I went with 2 friends for a late dinner on a Saturday. The place was busy but not packed where you could not move or anything. The only down side for it being busy was no parking in the lot but that’s normal downtown or in Northeast Minneapolis. I was lucky to be able to get a spots in the neighborhood just a block so away. We decided to sit inside at the bar looking out at the ferris wheel. Yes, you heard that right. Betty Dangers bar has a ferris wheel. They also have mini golf, this place is truly one of a kind.

Anyway, as I said we were there for a late dinner, which obviously means starting off with drinks. I opted to try a drink called the Loon Juice Tea Time. It was a hard cider but with a twist, it tasted similar to an Arne Palmer as it has a tea but lemonade kind of taste to it. It went down very easy that before long I was ordering a second one. For food, we decided to order 3 appetizers and just share. We ordered the nachos, calamari, and Mexican poutine supreme. WOW. That’s what I would say to the way my taste buds reacted to the food. The poutines had a kick to them but to balance them out we had the calamari and then the nachos with guacamole. My favorite item by far was the poutines, which I had never had in my life. Post dinner, we opted to take a ride on the ferris wheel because you can do that for about $5 a person. For 20 minutes we were seeing beautiful views of the Minneapolis skyline. As it was my 1st time (at least from what I can remember) in a ferris wheel, the 1st loop was a little nerve racking but then I got more comfortable, or maybe the alcohol just kicked in. either way, I enjoyed the whole experience at Betty Dangers and would definitely go back.



Prairie Tap House

If you read my post last month, you would have learned that I won a few gift cards at an event I went to. The Prairie Tap House was one of those gift cards. After a day of donating pet supplies for a Hurricane pet drive my mother, god mother and I decided to try out a new place for lunch. For a Saturday afternoon the place was not busy at all. There were maybe 4-5 tables filled while we were there.

To start off we decided to share an appetizer/ starter. We opted for the Thai Dragon Shrimp Egg Rolls. The filling was good, they had a nice crisp to them, but the dipping sauces were my favorite part, especially the peanut sauce. For my meal I decided to go with the Latin Pig. It’s a pit pork sandwich drenched in mandarin habanero sauce topped with avocado, fresh cilantro and mayo. The sandwich was not only good but very filling. I was worried the habanero sauce would be too spicy but it was just right. With my sandwich came a side of fries and let me tell you, there was a TON of fries! In my opinion the fries are best when dipped in the peanut sauce, ha. The total bill for the 3 of us to have our own meals and split and appetizer was only about $65, so not too bad!


Red Robin

On a day I had off of work I met my mom and her co-workers for lunch. They choose Red Robin (… YUM) which I was all for because I had never been there. We started off sharing pretzel bites which came with a beer cheese dipping sauce. Not only were these good and helped fill my stomach a little before the meal came, but for $5 you can’t beat them! For my meal, I decided to try the Buzz Mac ‘N; Cheese Tavern Double. That a burger with Mac ‘N’ Cheese on it. This burger might have been a limited time only deal as part of the Tavern Line up, if so I am glad I tried it. Though the flavors were good, it was a VERY messy burger. After a few bites I realized the Mac ‘N’ Cheese was not going to stay on the burger so I took most off and ate it on the side. Speaking of sides, the burger came with bottomless steak fries. I only ate what my order came with but they were good. The best part of the burger was the price, it was only $6.99!



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