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Something New: November 2017 – Part 1

Looking back on the month of November, I realized I spent about 1/3 of the month NOT in Minnesota. This seems crazy to me! I was lucky enough to spend 9 days in Florida in 2 separate cities – Tampa and Fort Myers. As you might imagine I tried a few new things including many restaurants…. Trying to break that habit but it’s so hard and there are so many restaurants EVERYWHERE! Since there was a lot of new things in November and many pictures to go along with those experiences, I decided to split my post into 3! Let’s start off with what I tried at home, in good old Minnesota. 🙂

Something new in Minnesota
Well let’s talk about food! I tried 2 new restaurants out in Minnesota, one for lunch the other for my birthday dinner. After working in the same building for almost 3 years I finally made it to Kincaid’s, the restaurant in the connecting building. I ordered the Turkey Club because the bacon and avocados are my weakness with anything…sorry, not sorry. I also upgraded for the bacon-Asiago fries, because WHY NO?! For a sandwich I was very impressed -it was a big portion (I even had leftovers) and the flavor saw just spot on. I am happy to report the fries were as delicious as they sound!


The other restaurant I went to in Minnesota was the Copper Hen. I had NO idea I was going there since my birthday dinner location was kept secret from me. It was a Sunday night when we went and there was maybe 5 other tables with people there, which I did not mind. I guess the places is usually pretty busy and it’s even a place to have a wedding reception. The place itself was very intimate in side but felt very relaxed and kind of had a European vibe to it. Since we were there for my golden birthday I decided to go big or go home with my meal, I ordered the steak dinner with the Brussel sprout salad. OMG that salad could have been my meal. The portion was huge and it was DELICIOUS! The steak was also great but the salad kind of stole the show for me. My meal also came with a cupcake which our waitress topped with a candle just for me (see the picture below). This is definitely a place I want to go back to as all the food looked and sounded so good!


The final thing I tried in MN did NOT have to do with food. Instead it was an activity of sorts. I learned and successfully removed wallpaper for the first time in my life! Since a friend of mine purchased a duplex which had wallpaper in each room I got a lot of practice. I know this sounds like something so simple to do/try but for me it was fun! I learned that it was MUCH easier with the steamer then it was to use just hot water in bucket. The best part wasn’t taking the wallpaper off, but the little treasures we found written on the wall (see the image below). I love learning more skills and now I can add wall paper remover to the list of thing I can do!



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