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Something New: November 2017 – Part 2

If you read part 1 of my Something New – November 2017 blog, you would have learned about the fun new things I tried here in Minnesota ( if you didn’t read it – go check it out!). I was lucky enough to get to travel to Florida in November. Here you can read about the fun things I tried while in Tampa! Stay tuned for part 3 where I share what I tried while in Fort Myers.

Something New in Tampa, Florida

I started off my vacation in Florida by going to Tampa to visit a friend. We went out 2 nights which is where my new experiences came in. We started off by going to World of Beer for my 1st night there. Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a beer girl… however they had not only a ton of beer but a good amount of different ciders! My favorite thing was that you can try as many samples as you want before you order so you know you like what you’re buying! I decided to just try two ciders; a blackberry pear one and a strawberry lime one (I went with this one!). Since I was flying during lunch and was now starving I decided to go with the Beerunch (a burger topped with an egg). The burger and fries were good, but we went on taco night and I immediately regretted not ordering tacos once I saw my friends’ tacos… lesson learned. We did decide to play trivia while there, which was another 1st for me but it didn’t go so well for us. There were 8 rounds and we could barely hear the person running it so after 5 rounds we just left.


The more memorable new thing I did while in Tampa was going to a neighborhood called Ybor (pronounced E-bor). I would recommend going to this area to ANYONE who is planning to be in/near Tampa! Ybor gave me the New Orleans vibe but with a twist and a hint of Fast and the Furious, with all the muscle cars that kept driving by. Most restaurants in the area had 2 stories so you could sit up on the balcony and look down the street/“strip”. My friends and I hit up one of the 2nd story restaurants for happy hour drinks but for the life of me I cannot remember what the place was called. The drinks were okay but the views made the place! For dinner we went to the brewery in Ybor which had indoor and outdoor seating options. As I was on vacation from Minnesota on the verge of winter (aka snow coming in MN) I opted for the outdoor seating. The food there was good, not too memorable but I was most excited about my drink. I tried again another Hard Cider. This time from the brand Two Henry’s. I had never heard of them but the waitress listed off like 4-5 flavors they had and I was sold! I opted for the Mango hard cider. It came in an awesomely designed can and tasted delicious!






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