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Something New: November 2017 – Part 3

In part 1 I shared about what new things I tried in November while in Minnesota. In part 2 I shared what I tried while in Tampa, Florida. Now its on to the final part of my vacation in Florida which I spent in Fort Myers!

Something new in Ft Myers, Florida

The second half of my trip to Florida in November was spent on Ft Myers beach, a place I had NEVER been to before! I was nervous as to how the area would look since just a few months before the hurricanes hit the area but when I arrived down there for the most part things seemed just fine. The hotel I stayed at had the restaurant Pinchers located right there (inside and outside seating options again!). I ate there a few times and the food is fine, but the 2 for 1 drinks was what made me happy plus the live bands that played most of the day.

I was in Ft Myers with family and one night we went to dinner at The Beached Whale. I believe this was my grandma and cousins favorite place to go, not because of the food but because of the 2nd floor outdoor patio seating area… can you tell we are all from somewhere that gets REALLY cold?! Ha. The Beached Whale allowed me to not only try a new restaurant but also a new food. I tried an Oyster! Something I said I wanted to try but was nervous for. My grandpa recommended I just put a little squeeze of lemon on it, so I did. I handled it like a pro I think. I got it in my mouth, my family said chew just a little then swallow, which I did. I can’t say I liked it enough to order them for myself but having 1 here or there I could do.


Though that might have been the favorite restaurant for some, mine was actually Charley’s Boat House Grill. From the outside the place doesn’t look like anything special really, but when you get inside you find an elegant restaurant. If you are a salad lover you have found your place as they had a HIG and I mean 40+ topping salad bar. Don’t get me wrong, the salad bar was good, you get it with all meals, but the showstopper for me was the blackened Cajun shrimp. I ordered that along with steak (it was a meal) and honestly I didn’t even need the steak. The shrimp was THAT good! My uncle also ordered shrimp but he got 3 different kinds and his favorite was also the blackened Cajun shrimp. So it comes HIGHLY recommended if you are in the area!

There were a few other new things for me in Ft Myers which some may find lame but I soaked in ALL the experiences I could! I am a HUGE dolphin lover yet I have never (not that I can remember) seen one in the ocean, until now! Each morning on the family walks on the beach I saw 5-8 dolphins, at one point one was between the shore and the sandbar so I was less than 15ft away! Right outside the hotel we were at there was the American Sand Sculpting Championships going on. As you may have guessed it, I went! I can’t remember ever going to any sort of sand sculpting competition before but this one was the CHAMPIONSHIP! There were sculptors there from all over the world! The things they can do with sand and water was very impressive! The final new things for me was seeing a car. That might sound normal, but this car was anything from normal or typical! It was a Volkswagen bug COVERED with sea shells and star fish. It was very impressive and I can’t even imagine how long it took to create but I was impressed.




I think that’s all the new things I tried in November. They might not be the most interesting of things but for a hermit of sorts like me who tends to stick to the same things and places this was a lot! I would love to know what new things people tried in November and if you have ever been to any of the restaurants I tried out I would love to hear your experiences!


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