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Fitness Journey #8

Well, we are now over a week into 2018… can you believe it? I do wonder, how many people have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions? From what I have noticed, most people who give up on their resolutions do so because they are WAY too specific and/or are very unrealistic. For example, I know someone whose resolutions was not to drink any alcohol in January. Mind you this person likes to party… the 1st weekend of the New Year came and they went to a party and drank. Does that sound like you or someone you know? If so, maybe consider making goals or making your resolutions more general. Here I am going to share some of my resolutions (past and present) along with some ideas to achieving your goals this year. Even if your resolution failed already you have the opportunity to make new goals. You don’t need a new year to challenge yourself to be a new or better you!

My Past Goals

In 2016 my goal was to lose weight, eat better, and become healthier. I did that! I lost 60lbs, I went to the gym 4-5 times a week and I was eating out less and smaller portions. When it came to 2017 I still wanted to lose weight, but I know that I’m on a journey so I was hoping to just maintain my weight. That did not happen as much as I had hopped. I started 2017 weighing 220lbs and I ended 2017 at 230lbs. That might not seem like much (or maybe it does for some people) but for me I could physically see and feel the difference. In the past, when I wasn’t in-tune with my body I wouldn’t have noticed this gain or just made excuses for it (ex. my boobs are growing. ha). I had successfully lost more weight at the beginning of 2017 but then life happened and I gained some weight back. Some might look at this as a fail, I look at it as my fitness journey.

If you are new to fitness journeys, let me tell you there will be MANY ups and downs, both on and off the scale. Looking back on 2017, I was not surprised I gained some weight back. I stopped working out as much (1-3 times a week) and wasn’t eating as healthy as I had been. Part of that came from work and working at a new locations for about 5 months.  With the job I was doing during that time, my days weren’t as flexible so I wasn’t eating my lunch in 2 separate meals and I wasn’t at my desk as often to drink my water. The location in which I was working at also didn’t have a good place to go on walks during my break and the gym was very small (I realized I’m kind of a gym snob… oops). Even though I did gain weight back, I am aware of how it happened and I know that if I want to lose that weight again I can!

My 2018 Goals

As you may have guessed, going into 2018 I wanted to get back on track. So the goals I set for myself were this; I wanted to focus on drinking more water at work – at least 2 bottles in an 8 hour work day. I want to focus on what I am putting in my body. Which for me means doing more meal prep and being aware of the time so I am eating smaller more frequent meals.  I wanted to make the gym more of a habit then it was in 2017. So my goal is to go to the gym/ workout more days a week then I don’t work out. So at least 4 days a week working out is ideal for me, but I am working my way up slowly. Last week I worked out only 3 days, partly because I work out after work (YAY free work gym) and only worked 4 days. Ideally if I can stick to my game plan and my goals for 2018 I would LOVE to lose 30lbs this year, but if I don’t I will not beat myself up over it.


Goal Setting Tips

Now it’s time for you to either set goals for this year or maybe revamp the ones you have so they are more attainable. Here are my 3 BIG tips to setting realistic and attainable fitness goals:

  • Look at your current life and figure out what is realistic, FOR YOU! Here are 2 examples:
    1. If you do not work out at all do NOT have your goal be to workout 7 days a week. I would recommend taking it slow. Maybe for 1 month you work out 2 days a week, and then keep adding a day each month or 2 until you hit 5 or 6 days a week.
    2. If you are someone who eats out every day for lunch with your co-workers, there are 2 ways you can make fitness goals regarding this. 1) Cut down the number of days you eat out for lunch vs bring your own healthy lunch, do it slowly… not cold turkey. 2) if you are afraid of missing out at lunch, then plan ahead and look at the menu online to find the healthier options and be prepared to only eat ½ of the meal while you’re out. Depending on when you eat lunch vs go home you could eat the other half for a late lunch or now you have dinner for that evening.
  • Do NOT choose a goal to be a specific weight at the end of the year! There are SO many things that can affect your weight and it can fluctuate so quickly. Instead make goals that will help you hit the weight you want.
  • Allow yourself cheat days and sometimes even weeks! We are human, right? I think the more we stress about being perfect the less we are and the easier it is for us to give up. If your cheat day means a meal, or a skipped workout so be it! There are 365 days a year, that 1 cheat day here or there will NOT ruin you! Plus, if you are working out/ making healthier choices more this year then you did last year then that’s success! Remember, this is a J-O-U-R-N-E-Y!

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