Let's Be Real

Let’s Be Real


A new year calls for changes, like adding another segment to The Good. The Bad. The Brittany. !!!

Why the new segment?

2017 was my first year blogging and in no way was I perfect. There were many times I planned to blog and then just could NOT think of the words. What resulted? Weeks between blog posts. I also planned to blog at least once a month for each of my segments but for many months I didn’t go to the movies which meant I had no new movie reviews. Though this all sounds bad, I would say my 1st year of blogging was actually a great learning experience and I feel successful with all I WAS able to accomplish.

What its all about!

As I looked back at my first year there was something I did notice; people seemed to enjoy reading about my opinions, experiences, and tips. That’s how this segment came to be. Let’s Be Real is where I will be posting about REAL topics that are on my mind, have affected me personally, or about things that are going on in the world. I will be sharing my opinions on these topics. The thing that excites me most about this segment isn’t the fact that you as my reader will see another side of me, but that I hope these topics are relevant and relatable to you. I really hope to hear from you! I would love to hear people’s opens on the topic of each post but would also love to hear what you want me to post about.

Some topics to look forward to include posts about dating, job hunting, paying back loans, and finding a place to live. Let’s be real… I am excited for this new segment and addition to my blog!



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