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Forever My Girl (2018)


This past weekend I had a wonderful girl’s weekend with my best friend Carly. It wouldn’t be a girl’s weekend without a movie, right? We decided we wanted to actually see a movie in theaters compared to renting or streaming one. Since my best friend and I enjoy a good love story and country music, we decided to see Forever My Girl, which just hit theaters in the US on January 19th. If you haven’t seen the previews of the movie, click HERE.

Movie Recap

The movie starts off 8 years in the past, but doesn’t spend much time there. Quickly the audience is introduced to one of the main characters Josie, played by Jessica Rothe. Josie is preparing to marry her high school sweetheart Liam Page played by Alex Roe. Fast forward to present day and Liam is a HUGE country star playing in sold out concerts but he is alone, as he never married Josie. After not speaking to anyone in his hometown or returning home since he left 8 years ago, a tragedy occurs which brings Liam back.

That’s where the heart of the story begins. Liam left more than Josie behind all those years ago now he is faced with trying to reconnect with those he left behind when he decided to chase fame and fortune. Josie seems to have found success of her own in these past 8 years with work all while being a mother to a bright young girl, Billy. The movie follows the journey Liam takes to find his way back home and figure out if he can truly get a second chance at life or if he will have to live with the regrets caused by decisions he has made.

What I Thought

After seeing the trailer, I was under the impression the movie was based off a Nicholas Sparks book, which is not the case. Sadly I didn’t learn this till after the movie, so the whole time I was waiting for someone to tragically die, which is a signature move in Sparks books/ movies. Though the movie was not a Spark movie, it was just as good!

What I thought really made the movie was the chemistry between the main two characters Liam and Josie. I thought both actors not only owned their characters but the evolution of their feelings and relationship throughout the movie felt very real. Alex Roe who plays Liam took me by surprise with his voice. That is if the songs he sings in the movie really are sung by him. I was in complete awe and think that he needs to make a record, as I know I would for sure buy it. Jessica Rothe who plays Josie was not only beautiful but she brought a very real presence to the movie. She was strong, determined, protective, but also fun and funny. I really appreciated this character, as I grew up with a very strong single mother who I look up to.

The shining star though in my opinion was Billy, played by 9 year old Abby Ryder Fortson. Throughout the movie Abby’s character has many one liners and surprising/ brilliant come backs that had me either saying AWE or laughing my butt off. Though this actress didn’t write her lines she was great at delivering what was written for her. Though I am 26 years old, I found myself wishing I could be more like Billy.

I thought Forever My Girl fell somewhere between a typical Hallmark channel movie and a Nicholas Sparks film. Overall, I thought the movie was filled with many amazing moments, had great acting, and had a beautiful yet somewhat predicable story line. I would recommend this movie for girl friends, couples, or mother daughter combos alike. Feel free to leave the box of tissues at home as you won’t need them, or at least I didn’t!


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