Something New

Something New: January 2018

I still cannot believe the 1st month of 2018 has already come and passed! I wanted to continue my Something New series for at least another year. I really want to push myself to get out & try new experiences, not just new places, i.e. restaurants. Well, in January I did try a new experience! But also 2 new restaurants…. Keep reading to find out what I tried!

Burger Jones

I had never heard of Burger Jones until recently, which is sad since it’s less than a mile from where I leave (the Uptown location not Burnsville). When I asked a friend about it she described it as being like 5 Guys, in the sense that you order your burger and fries separately. So that was the image of the place I had in mind; I would arrive, order my meal, take a seat and wait to get my order. Ya… that’s not exactly how it went down. My roommate and I went here one night and we were surprised that it looked just like a regular restaurant where we were seated and given a (large) menu and had a great waiter come by.

I tried to order a SEMI healthy burger as I planned on adding fries to my order. I opted for the Turkey Club Burger, which included lettuce, tomatoes, crispy turkey bacon, Swiss cheese, sprouts, and sliced avocado. Though there were 3 options for fries – regular French fries, waffle fries, and maple bacon sweet potato fries – I opted to just go for the original. It took a little longer then I would have liked for the food to come out, but it was worth it. My burger was delicious, I thought everything went so well together! When it first came out I couldn’t even see the burger I just saw the BACON and the spouts ha. But then I noticed the top of the burger was imprinted with the initials of the place – BJ, which I thought was super cool! I was so full from my burger that I couldn’t finish my fries – definitely a shareable item. Overall, for around $20 I got a good meal and would go back again since they have SO many good burgers to choose from!


Children’s Theater Company

On the same night as trying out Burger Jones, I also went to my first production/ show at the Children’s Theater in Minneapolis. Even though it was after Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas was still going on. Thanks to my aunt for the VIP tickets, my roommate and I were dead center about 5 rows from the stage. Pricing for this show ranged from $15-$75 dollars and the prices were even cheaper if you went during a sensory friendly showing!

Growing up I loved the movie the Grinch, preferring the non-animation version that came out in 2000 to the animation movie. I figured this show was going to be pretty similar. Overall, it was. But there were a few new songs and parts of the story – like a talking dog, that weren’t in the movie. The acting from both young and old was wonderful, the singing was cute and cheerful, and the wardrobe along with the set design were bright and over the top. Overall, it was a great time and made the holiday season continue for me even after the New Year. I would recommend seeing the show to anyone, with or without children. Pricing is just right, there are no bad seats and it’s a cute show that everyone in the family will enjoy! They have other shows which I am excited to checkout some time.


Doolittles Woodfire Grill

Doolittes has 5 locations between Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. I met a friend for dinner at the Golden Valley, MN location. Right away I was excited because judging by the parking load the place seemed packed. Mind you we went to dinner on a week night and were told it would be a 10-15 minute wait, which turned into less than 5 minutes! The atmosphere was great. We were seated at a small booth near the bar but it wasn’t crazy loud. The place was full but never felt packed.

Another night out and I was in the mood for another burger; I don’t make these at home so I treat myself to them when I go out. Here I opted for the Gauncho Burger which comes topped with guacamole, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle aioli. YUMM, that’s the first thing that comes to mind thinking of the burger. The second is messy. I believe, that it was messy due to the amount of guac and aioli it was topped with, but the messiness was part of the experience for me. Overall a fun place to be, I feel like it was more a place for business meeting or dinner dates then a family restaurant though. Luckily I came straight from work and was dressed nice, otherwise I might have felt a little under dressed.



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