Let's Be Real

Let’s be real… does anyone REALLY like Valentine’s Day?


If you are one of those people who are saying ‘Yes’ or ‘ of course’ to the question of liking Valentines Day, then I am guessing you are probably in a rather new relationship or a hopeless romantic. My question may have you thinking “Oh, she must be single since she is hating on Valentine’s Day”. Well, the single part is true but that’s not the point. I believe, there are many single people and even ones in relationships who do not care for Valentine’s Day! I think there are legitimate reasons why to not like this “holiday” and I think it’s time someone talked about these reasons.

Oh, you’re single?

For a single person – especially us woman – this is FUN day (TOTAL SARCASM). I mean who won’t want another celebratory day where you get to be alone while everyone else around you is with their special person!? If you’re single, it’s not something you really forget about since everyone either asks about it or points it out. On this day, it’s taken to another level. You watch as coworkers getting flower deliveries at work, people talking about their plans for the evening, and then spend the next day getting to hear all about what people did on Valentine’s Day with their significant other. The best part is when someone asks you what you and your significant other have planned on this day and you say you’re single… the response is more or less the same from everyone. You get the pity look and either a response about how ‘lucky’ you are to not have to worry about what to get for someone or you get the response about how next year will be different and you will have someone. Word of advice – these responses SUCK!

Vday with a date?

Let me start off by saying, if you are in a relationship new or old, congrats! I am happy you have found love. However, unless you are in a new relationship Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily the best day for couples either. For some, this might just be one of the few days a year you and your spouse have planned sex (add in anniversaries and birthdays) which for some can be more of a chore then a point of love. For others, you are left with having to figure out what your significant other will want in a gift, what will show them EXACTLY how you feel about them, and what is in budget (remember, Christmas was not too long ago). Buying gifts for your significant other and celebrating with them ON Valentine’s Day can be costly. Restaurants usually up their prices for dinner and the typically flower on this holiday being roses is usually twice as expensive as any other time of year. Even if you plan the perfect gift or date night, you might not have done someone the other was hoping for – like sending her flowers at work so others could be jealous – which could cause tension or even a fight. Doesn’t this all sound like fun!?

What about love?

Don’t get me wrong, I myself am a hopeless romantic and love the idea of celebrating love! However, that doesn’t mean I need to like Valentine’s Day! Think about it’ why is it that we need a ‘holiday’ to show those who we love that we love them? I think this should be something that people do everyday. Many times the honeymoon phase of the relationship is where some of the simplistic yet romantic gestures occur but they could easily be continued through relationships to show your loved one how much you care. What it all comes down to, the only ones who really like and benefit from this ‘holiday’ are those who work the industry, aka businesses who will make money off it.. I may not like the holiday, but you shouldn’t either! Instead, love those around you every day and just treat February 14th like another day.

Frankie, my Valentine’s date

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