Something New

Something New: February 2018

February was an exciting month for me because there were 3 new things I did/ tried. The best part, only 1 was a new restaurant! Below I talk about the new things I tried and what I thought. I’d love to hear what new things people have tried recently! If you have tried any of the things I have recently tried, let me know! I’d LOVE to hear about your experiences too.

2018 Vision Board

I know it may sound crazy but I have NEVER created a vision board before. Thinking back I am not sure if I ever had the interest in doing so or got the point. But lately through talking with people I have learned that writing down goals and being able to visualize them, can help you actually accomplish your goals. Knowing that, I thought why not give it a try this year. Since I am not one for magazines I didn’t have a bunch of things to cut up and paste together to make a vision board. Instead, I decided to make my vision “board” on the computer. I started by writing down what I wanted to accomplish/ improve on for 2018. From there, I Google searched for images or words that associated with my list (ex. fitness, to be truly happy, focus on friends & family relationships). I used some images for multiple items if to me it made sense. Since I had my “board” on the computer I realized I could have it located in multiple places so I printed 2 copies; one for at home and one for work. They look the exact same, but they are a CONSTANT reminder of what I want this year to look like.


Blue Door Pub (LynLake location)

For someone who likes a good burger and fries I am ALWAYS down with trying a place that is known for just that. Blue Door Pub is known for their blucy’s which according to their menu is “two fresh-ground Angus beef patties collaborate to encompass a veritable cornucopia of ingredients.” When I learned that the newest location was opened not too far from me I was so excited to check this place out, there are a total of 4 locations between St. Paul and Minneapolis. When I arrived I noticed the pub was smaller than I had expected. There were stairs leading upstairs but it was blocked off, so the place may be bigger than I thought I just didn’t get to go upstairs so I am not 100% sure. Though there wasn’t a ton of seating options on the main level it didn’t feel cramped. I opted for one of the booths. I LOVED the chalkboard wall that lines all the booths, such a cut and cool idea.

Since they are known for their blucy’s I figured this is what I had to try. There were 6 different options to choose from and I opted for the Mount Blucuvious which was $10. The Blucy was filled with ghost pepper cheese and topped with fried avocado, spicy bacon, and a cilantro-lime sauce. I added an order of tots to my burger for an extra $3. I was worried that the burger would be TOO spicy because of the ghost pepper, but it wasn’t too bad. It had a kick but it was tamed with the cilantro-lime sauce. The burger was good, not the best I have ever had but not the worst either. The burger paired very well with my hard cider. Between the burger and cider I was SO full that I couldn’t finish the tots; I recommend sharing them if each person orders a blucy since those don’t come with a side. Overall, the food was good and the service was quick, I would go there especially since the LynLake location is just around the corner from UpDown which is a place on my list to try!


Ice Fishing

In early February myself, my mom, and 4 of our family friends headed up north to go ice fishing (this is something many Minnesotans enjoy doing). The weekend had been planned for a while and when the time came, it ended up being one of the coldest days of winter in Minnesota thus far. What this meant was that I was going to be packing on the clothes. I ended up wearing 2 pairs of socks (1 was made of wool), leggings, sweatpants, men’s outdoor overalls, 2 bras, a tank top, a fitted long sleeve, a sweatshirt, jacket, scarf, mittens, a hat, and winter boots. I felt like I had put on at least 10lbs of clothing, I can only imagine how funny I looked trying to walk.

Prior to going to the lake we had to stop and get bait. This is where I realized I had forgotten my fishing license at the cabin.. We had to turn around so I could get this cause I was SO worried of being caught and fined (of course, no one checked when we were out on the lack…). On the lake we set up the ice houses at the 2nd location we drilled at. The ice houses we used were pop up ones. It was fun being involved in drilling the holes into the lake with the auger and setting up the ice houses. We had 3 ice houses in total, I was in the one built for 2 people but it was my mom, our friend Doug, and myself – it was a little cramped, there wasn’t much moving around.

We were out on the lake for probably about 4 hours and for the first 3 no one was really catching much of anything. With the help of the sonar – which searches for fish/ movement under the ice – some of us were finally able to catch some LITTLE fish, none worth keeping though. Before I went out there, I hadn’t realized how much work and time it took to set up a location for ice fishing, but once out there I got it which is why we stayed put for so long. I was the last in our ice house to catch a fish, it was a little perch. I tried giving ice fishing my best try but unfortunately it was not something I enjoyed. I only enjoyed spending time with my mom and Doug, talking and listing to music. It was SO cold and my phone died, there wasn’t much to do compared to summer fishing where you can cast out and move around the boat and the lake if fish aren’t biting. Thankfully summer fishing is almost here!!!!




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