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Black Panther (2018)

black panther2

Black Panther hit theaters about a month ago in the United States, if you haven’t seen the movie yet and want to see the trailer click HERE. As a Marvels movie I had high hopes and after hearing so many good comments from those who have already seen it, I had BIG expectations for the movie. I am happy to report it did NOT disappoint in the least! As we head into the weekend, take a read of my thoughts on the movie which include ZERO spoilers and maybe you will find time this weekend to see it yourself.

Visual & Audio Experience

Visually, the scenes were amazing! From the clothing to the scenery, anything having to do with Wakanda was beautiful and considerably different then the United Nations or California in which we see glimpses of during the movie. I will not pretend to know a lot about the African culture but I respect it. I thought the decision to keep the clothing and hairstyles very authentic to Africa (where Wakanda is located) was such a wonderful choice – it was all beautiful. My favorite part of the clothing was that its part futuristic and part historic in the sense that they look like they were passed down as part of the culture. I wish I knew more about the African culture then I do, as there was so much beauty in the movie from the clothing to the way in which they painted their faces/ bodies, to the music. The music choices was phenomenal! I plan to listen to the soundtrack often as there was not 1 song I did not enjoy. Most made me want to get up in the theater and just dance! Don’t worry, I didn’t… get up that is, but I did dance a little in my seat. The music occurred at just the perfect times in the movie and never took away from the movie, it only added to it.

Political Points

I would say this movie came out at just the right time and fits in with what many in the Unites States and around the world are fighting for – equality. There are levels of this found throughout the movie from family/ birth rights to technological advances and who should have access to them. I personally thought the messages throughout the movie were messages that needed to be said/ heard in this day and age. I don’t think the movie was FULL of politics, but like the world we live in now, politics is an underlining force in many (if not all) things we do, in some way or another. If the movie and the messages didn’t leave you thinking and feeling a little more than when you watched the movie, then you might be a part of the problem in the world. What I took away from the movie was an even more intense desire for TRUE equality in the world. I think we can take guidance from the movie and how it ended but working towards a better world by sharing resources, working on helping those in all parts of the world, and stop fighting to be “the best” country.

The Cast

Beyond the main messages of the movie, there was also just the character representation found on screen. Obviously the majority of the cast is black/ African America as the movie is set in Africa which was wonderful to see them as the leads. I was surprised and so impressed by the number of women in the movie! For whatever reason I went into the theater assuming this was going to be a male dominate movie with maybe a female love interest. But there were many women in the movie and not only that, they were strong, intelligent, and loyal women! So wonderful to see! The women in the movie reminded me of Wonder Woman in a sense. Hopefully this is just the start of more strong women of all races and backgrounds that will be shown in movies so that our children have strong women to look up to.

I honestly can’t say a bad thing about the acting in the movie as the cast was filled with so many strong and powerful actors; some I had seen in other things while some where fresh new faces to me but all played their characters wonderfully. My favorite character in the movie was Shuri played by Letitia Wright. Shuri is the Black Panther/ T’Challa’s younger sister who had so much sass, quick quitted responses, and desire to be involved I couldn’t help love her as a character from the moment she appeared! With her actions and words I found myself laughing more than I expected during the movie!

My Movie Experience

If you cannot tell, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie on many levels! I personally enjoyed not seeing the movie opening weekend because it allowed me time to hear the thoughts of others who had seen it. Having not seen the movie on opening weekend I also got to enjoy a little arm and leg room at the theater because it was not sold out; though the theater was pretty full considering the movie has been out for a few weeks. I went to the movie with my friend Monica, who has for a long time been one of my movie buddies. She knows that I have a hard time keeping quiet in movies and I may ask a question or two if I sometimes get lost. I might also make predictions throughout movies as to what I think will happen or who I think the person in a mask is. This movie was NO different. There was 1 point where I did make a guess about who was hidden behind a mask, I ended up I was RIGHT!!! During the movie there was a point in which something occurs that relates to the fate of one of the characters. I had to ask Monica what happens because she knows/ remembers parts in the Marvel stories then I tend to. She reminded me when in the Marvels movie saga this movie was taking place so if I thought about it I would know whether or not this given character was in other movies that take place after this time. So if you are an avid Marvels fan there may not be an incredible suspense moment in the movie, but for me there was.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend consider seeing Black Panther and adding to its continued success at the box offices, I bet you will enjoy it as it had me laughing, dancing, and at times on the edge of my seat. If you go, just be smart and DON’T leave when the credits start rolling… you might miss something.

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