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Love, Simon (2018)


It’s Friday, March 16th and guess what!? The movie Love, Simon hits theaters TODAY! I was lucky enough to see an early screening of it a few weeks back. I want to share with you my thoughts on the movie without any spoilers! Haven’t seen the trailer yet? No worries, you can watch it HERE.

The Characters

This movie was filled (for me at least) with leading characters that I was familiar with, but most of the supporting actors/ actresses I was less familiar with. The main character in the movie is of courses Simon played by Nick Robinson. I had seen him before in a few movies including Everything Everything, The 5th Wave, and Jurassic World. From what I know about the actor I do not believe he himself is gay, however I felt like he displayed a VERY believable role as a gay teenager in the movie. You could feel the emotions that Simon was going through throughout the movie. The emotions that I could feel from this character were fear, anger, anxiety, and hope. Simon was of course my favorite character, not because he was the lead but because he was so lost and didn’t know how to truly be himself and I feel like everyone, in some way goes through this at some point in their life.

The actors who played Simon’s parents were also familiar to me; Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel. I absolutely LOVED that Jennifer Garner played the mother to a gay boy because I know she is very particular with the roles she chooses (from what I have read and the interviews I have seen). She is has been very public about being a Christian and for me seeing her in this movie gave me hope that others will see how open and loving we can be to people of all walks of life. [Side note – I myself 100% support gay people and see nothing wrong with it, I believe love is love] Josh Duhamel is such a BABE and it doesn’t hurt that he loves the Minnesota Vikings (my state’s football team!), seeing him in the movie was just lovely. I thought they both took on their roles as parents in very similar ways where they were as authentic with their reactions and behaviors as you would expect in this day and age, thankfully they were a family centered on love.

The final character I want to bring up is Mr. Worth, the High School Principal. He was played by Tony Hale. Tony has been in a ton of different movies and shows and from what I have noticed he tends to play a funny or awkward guy, in this movie is was no different. He was the principal you didn’t hate but didn’t want to hang out with because he was trying WAY too hard. There were times in the movie where I felt that awkward feeling from him that makes me uncomfortable and then laugh, but the movie won’t have been the same without him.

The Movie

Love, Simon the movie is actually based off the book Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda. A book in which I have never read… But I have heard from those who have that it is a MUST read! I thought the movie itself beautifully told a story about hiding who you are, coming out as gay, and what life after coming out looks like. The movie felt very real. In the sense that they did not over dramatize the situation of coming out or of high school but they didn’t under do it either. There were very realistic reactions and moments in the movie in I know people have gone through similar situations.

The friendships in the movie were depicted excellent as there were struggles and drama that they went through, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies like some movies show friendships as. This movie set REAL expectations as to what friendships can look like.  It is bad to be jealous of a movie characters friends? Either way, I want friends like Simon had, they are awesome! The movie takes place in high school and I personally graduated almost 8 years ago now and this movie had me missing it. For whatever reason, I did not go into the movie expecting to laugh. But I did because it was actually pretty funny. There were subtle jokes and also big in your face ones but I think the blend of the jokes along with the drama and intensity of the movie made for a light hearted movie that still tugged at your emotions, in just the right way.

Final Thoughts

I truly liked this movie and was so happy to get to watch it! I had an extra ticket to the showing and unfortunately I could not find anyone to go with me as friends were either busy or did not want to go because they didn’t want to watch a movie about a gay boy or a coming out movie. I just need to point out, the second reason people couldn’t go with makes my heart ache because there is SO much more to the movie and being gay shouldn’t define someone (in my eyes). I do respect everyone can have their own opinions on these matters, but I don’t have to agree with them.

Luckily I knew others at the movie who felt the same as I did so I was able to enjoy the movie with them! I walked away from the theater in a good mood and having hope that this world we live in can truly start learning to LOVE one another. If people take nothing else from this review or the movie itself, please remember to live and be the your honest and truest self!  I do hope that you will hit the theaters this weekend and watch Love Simon and enjoy it as much as I did!





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