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Tomb Raider (2018)


Tomb Raider was released in theaters on Friday, March 16th. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, check it out HERE. For those who don’t know, Lara Croft is a video game character – I knew this but have never played the game. I was however familiar with Laura Craft because I had watched Lara Croft: Tomb Raider when it was released in 2001.

Expectations vs. Reality

Maybe I am the only one, but I went into the theater to see this latest movie thinking it was going to be a prequel to the movie that was released in 2001. Which is may or may not be, I am still not 100% sure. What I mean by that is I assumed the time period of the movie would be in line with the movie that was released in 2001. However, the movie seems to take place in present day time making it hard to be a prequel. Also, the way the movie ends leaves it up for interpretation that there may be another movie in the future. I also expected the storyline of Lara Croft and her family to be the same as it was in the previous movie, but unless my memory serves me wrong (which it might be doing) there were some details about Laura’s father that did not seem to add up.

Lara Croft

The movie was ALL about the main character Lara Croft. I thought Angelina Jolie did a good job in the previous movie depicting the character of Lara. That might be true, however after seeing the latest movie I now feel like there might have been something missing. I thought Alicia Vikander KILLED it as Lara Croft in the latest movie! I have seen her in other movies but her roles have been more of the quieter and caring side. As Lara she is intense, determine, athletic, somewhat stubborn yet 100% likeable. Alicia was able to bring a much needed vulnerable and guarded side to Lara that was lacking in the previous movie. To say that I loved Alicia in this role is an understatement!

The Movie

Overall, this movie had so many things going for it. It has an amazing cast, great action scenes, movements that made you jump, moments that made you think “wait, what?” or “no way”, along with being visually, emotionally, and mentally stimulating. I am one who tries to guess what is going to happen in movies; with Tomb Raider there were some things I did guess while others took me completely by surprise. I was so happy that it didn’t just do justice to the original but went above and beyond, props to Warner Brothers Pictures! I am holding out hope that there will be future Tomb Raider movies with the same cast. The movie is still in theaters, what are you waiting for? GO SEE IT NOW!


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