Something New

Something New: March 2018

It’s weird to think about how 2018 is already 25% over, isn’t it? Anyway, March was somewhat busy for me with work, birthday celebrations, and catching up with old friends. Though it was a busy month I tried to get out there and try new things. I was successful at trying 1 new thing and unsuccessfully at another. Keep reading to see what I tried and how it went.

Tried and FAILED…

For anyone who knows me, they would know I do NOT drink coffee. Even though that is the case, I do enjoy a good coffee house. One night after work a friend and I wanted to catch up and so we thought we would try meeting up over coffee somewhere in Minneapolis. We found a coffee shop online that looked really cute and cozy and had specialty none coffee drinks that I thought sounded delicious. Well the day came to meet up there and upon arriving my friend and I learned, they were CLOSED! Had we gone out to coffee just a few weeks earlier the place we were at would have been open still. If you’re wondering what we did instead since this given coffee shop was closed – we went to the nearest one that WAS open. That was Caribou…. So much for trying a new place out that day. Ha.

First but NOT the Last

So what I WAS successful at trying in March was an experience, one I thoroughly enjoyed. What was it? A FACIAL! To be exact, it was a Dermaplanning treatment facial. I have always been a lit curious and nervous to get a facial. What caused me to face my nerves and get a facial is the fact that my friend Monica was in Esthetician school and I was determined to support her! So I made an appointment at PCI Academy in Plymouth, MN for a Dermaplanning treatment as I wanted something to help clear up my face (acne… so gross) and not just be relaxing. Here is a rundown on how my hour long appointment went.

  • Consultation covering my skin needs, conditions, and concerns
  • 2 rounds of Biolelements Decongestant Cleanser applied on my face, neck and upper chest
  • Toner was applied to balance my PH levels
  • Lipid Eraser was applied to eliminate any extra lipids or oils
  • Level 1 lactic surface chemical peel was brushed on to penetrate the top layers of my skin and used enzymes to eat away any dead skin and congestion in my pores
  • After 5 minutes, the chemical peel was removed with a cool towel
  • A oatmeal southing mask was applied and removed after 5 minutes with a cool towel to reduce irritation
  • A moisturizing lotion was applied to keep irritation down
  • The edge of a single razor was rubbed upward from the chin to hairline removing any additional dead skin, baby hairs, or peach fuzz
  • A gel mask was applied to calm down any irritation and redness
  • Another round of toner was applied, leaving my skin free of antibacterial and ready for hydration
  • A moisture serum and moisturizer with SPF were applied

Wow that sounds like a LOT of work, doesn’t it? Well for me, it wasn’t because I was able to enjoy it all while lying on a massage like table under a warm blanket. Though I was relaxed I also wanted to know what was happening and Monica was wonderful at letting me know not only what was going to happen next, but also why.  After an hour long facial I left very relaxed and with a little red on my face but nothing too bad. Overall, my skin felt so much smoother! I still breakout but I know it will take time to get my acne FULLY gone. Until then, I plan to keep using makeup so no one see’s it as much and with the baby hairs now gone on my face my makeup glides on, I also feel like I use less. I do plan to get a facial every few months going forward as I enjoyed it and did notice a difference.

I recommend facials to EVERYONE but if you are like me and nervous I would say try getting one at PCI academy or another school. The students are learning so it may take longer than a professional facial but they usually don’t use as intense chemical peels (I had no facial peeling with my level 1 peel) and the cost is A LOT lower than at a salon – mine was under $50! I not only want to give a shout out to Monica for the wonderful facial but for also educating me though the whole facial.  If you want to learn more about what esthetician do, the truth about skin care products and treatments, and to see some pretty awesome pictures – checkout her Esthetician Facebook page HERE. Also, enjoy the pictures below Monica captured of me before the facial began (LEFT) and as she was about to do the dermaplane process (RIGHT).


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