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I Feel Pretty (2018)


This past weekend (April 20-22) was the opening weekend of Amy Schumer’s latest movie, I Feel Pretty! If you haven’t seen the trailer yet check it out HERE. I had the privilege of seeing an early screening and this might be one of my favorite screenings yet!

The Message

As a little recap, Amy Schumer’s character Renee starts off the movie not really loving her life or her body, but after hitting her head in a workout class everything changed. She because to see herself as BEAUTIFUL which leads to a whole new turn of events for Renee. What I think some misunderstand is the movie is that Renee’s head injury does NOT make her see herself as thin, instead it strips away the negative cognitions that are associated with being a bigger/ fat woman. Allowing Renee to love herself in the body she is in and not have to worry about self esteem issues.

Self esteem is something that we all suffer from and why, because some ONE decided that in the 21st century being a size 8, 10, or 12 was considered HUGE &/ or ugly, and anything bigger is just disgusting?!? I mean come on! The average woman in the USA wears a 12-14, yet most models are a 0 or 00 which becomes the desire of most women and young girls (men too actually). I Feel Pretty does a wonderful job of showing not only the struggle that Amy Schumer’s character Renee is working through, but also the self esteem issues that other women of varying sizes and looks in the movie area working though. This movie beautifly touches on the topics of self love, self acceptance, and the fact that we are all unique and we need to start embracing that! The tagline for the movie is simple yet so deep, “change everything without changing anything”, physically that is.

The Laughs

When I think Amy Schumer I think comedy and witty remarks, this movie had exactly that and more. I went into the movie expecting it to have a few good lines and make me laugh a little; within the first 5 minutes I was laughing and continued until the movie was over. Do not get me wrong, there was a wonderful message in the movie and I think the comedy that filled the movie only added to the massage. I think that’s because if I you were to sit back and really think about the message you would see how simple it is and how as humans we make it SO complex, which itself is funny. Plus, in life’s so doesn’t like to laugh at jokes, life, or awkward situations? I know I do!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought Amy Schumer knocked this movie out of the park! It’s a beautiful movie that I think people will only be able to have negative thoughts and opinions on IF they don’t see it and just make assumptions based off the trailer. When I saw this movie before it was out it was with a bunch of people – men and women of all different sizes, age, and shapes. I did NOT hear 1 person say that they disliked it or in some way could not relate to what occurred throughout the movie, even in a small way. That’s what I think makes this movie so wonderful is how relatable and realistic it feels. It brought me hope that maybe we can get away from the “typical” beauty st a dares that are currently in place and truly start loving not only ourselves for who we are but also each other.

If you are contemplating seeing this movie don’t wait, its worth the movie ticket and you will enjoy it – see it alone, with your significant other, or just your friends. See it, enjoy it, and embrace I Feel Pretty, because you are!



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