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Life of the Party (2018)



If you are a fan of Melissa McCarthy, you are going to want to see this movie! Haven’t heard of or seen the trailer yet for Life of the Party? Don’t worry, I got you covered… click HERE to watch the official trailer. Keep reading to hear about my advanced screening experience and my thoughts on the movie. NO SPOILERS!

Screening Experience

I was lucky enough to be able to go to an advanced screening of Life of the Party the week before it hits theaters all thanks to Falen @ KDWB, Allied Minneapolis, and Showplace ICON in West end. This wasn’t my 1st advanced screening experience but it was one of my favorites. Seating as usually, was on a 1st come basis and I planned ahead and got there early; the showing was small but that’s had to do with the information regarding the showing only being shared by Falen – can you say exclusive?!

Unlike other screenings, for this one each audience member received a small popcorn and beverage at the concession stands for FREE. Along with that, Sigma provided goodie bags for everyone! Already overwhelmed with goodies and excitement for the movie, I thought that was it…but I was wrong. There was a photo booth station set up with fun props along with Falen and her mother wearing Life of the Party aprons – complete with red solo cups attached, all I thought was beer pong taken to the next level. Once seated in the theater, Falen said a few things about the movie and the whole screening event before 10 lucky people caught T-shirt for the movie; I was NOT one of the lucky few to get a shirt but I can’t complain because the whole experience was wonderful. Hands down I felt like this was a party and a fun experience, compared to just going to the theater and seeing a movie.


 The Laughs

Okay, now that I have shared with you what the experience was like let’s get down to the movie. For starters, I am a HUGE Melissa McCarthy fan meaning there are certain things I expect in any movie she is in; one thing being that she will be funny as HELL. Like always she did not disappoint. This movie was filled with humor in so many forms and different amounts of intensity, at one point my stomach hurt from laughing so hard and at another point the audience was laughing so loud for so long that I missed what some of the characters had to say in the movie. So be prepared to laugh!

The Feels

As you can see from the trailer, Melissa McCarthy’s character Deanna is not a typical college student. She going back to college to finish her degree with her daughter Maddie (played by Molly Gordon), who is a senior at the same college. As you might have imagined, this movie has all the mother daughter feels. I myself grew up with a mom who I am very close to, there were many times throughout the movie I could imagine my mom and I in the scenes as I could relate to the characters and the relationship among them. Among the relationship between mother and daughter, there were also other relationships between friends, fellow college students, and complicated family dynamics in which were relatable. The fact that this movie is based around being in college brought up so many feelings. It has been 4 years this month since I graduated college and this movie reminded me how much I miss college! The movie reminded me of all the friends I made, the things I did, and the things that I regret NOT doing while in college.

The Actors

As any and everyone should know, Melissa McCarthy is pure genius in all of her roles! In this role, Melissa brought the character of Deanna to life by starting off being the typical older mom who might be a little embarrassing and slightly out of style, but with the help of her daughter she finds her true self and inner confidence she had lost. Molly Gordon, who plays Maddie, Deanna’s daughter is nothing but lovable. You can tell she brings so much trueness to the movie and I really related to her. Her reactions to the different events in the movie felt so real. There were a few familiar (to me) faces in the movie including Debby Ryan, Luke Benward, Maya Rudolph, and Julia Bowen all of which brought something different to the movie and were all very memorable. Heidi Gardner and Gillian Jacobs were 2 actresses who I was not familiar with that I thought killed it with their facial expressions and ‘interesting’ personalities; you will have to see it to truly get it.  Overall, the casting and acting in the movie was done perfectly!

It’s Party Time!

The movie hits theaters (here in the US) on Friday, May 11th, just in time for Mother’s Day weekend. If your mother is not around or she doesn’t like movies, no worries this is still a great movie to see and can be enjoyed with a girl friend. So, now you know how awesome the movie is and when it will be in theaters… what are you waiting for?! Get your tickets now!! Click HERE to order your tickets to see Life of the Party! I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did.



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