Let's Be Real

Let’s be real… What I eat is MY business!

So this is somewhat of a rant but also a reminder on multiple levels to people out there. Why is it that people have a need and this it is okay to comment on what other people eat? Sure, when someone has food that you think smells or looks good that’s fine to comment on but with regards to WHAT and the AMOUNT that a given person eats is NONE of anyone’s business other than the one eating it. I recently encounter an incident that brought on this post and I thought it was worth sharing.

What Happened

I was at a function with friends and family where the main meal was set up in a potluck buffet style. I was starving so I was one of the 1st to get a plate. There were a lot of options and a lot of people so I decided to only grab a small portion and only a few items. After a while most of the group had gotten food and there was plenty left. I decided I wanted more as I was still hungry. I thought nothing of this as it was after 5pm and I had only had breakfast that day at 9:30AM. As I get back to my seat to continue eating someone in my family decided it was appropriate to loudly comment about my food choices by stating “How many meals do you need a day? Don’t you think one plate was enough?”.

I tried defending myself stating how others had already had a second plate, but it didn’t matter. The thing is, those who were had just as much food as I did aren’t considered overweight, like I am… I could have pointed out that this was actually only my 2nd meal of the day but I realized even if I did, in the eyes of those who thought what was being said was okay wouldn’t care what I said. So I kept my mouth shut and just ate my food. What really got to me above the comment was that no one else thought it was appropriate to call out this rude behavior. So instead, I had to feel judged for eating and be slightly embarrassed because now my eating habits were brought to the attention of other at the function.

The Take Away

I just wanted to share my experience and remind people of a few things. For starters, those who feel it is okay to judge or comment on what others eat – it is NONE of your business and it’s just rude! To those who are judging members of their family – I get that you care about your family member’s health but as a family you are supposed to love one another for who they are not how they look! Commenting on their size and eating habits does hurt and makes that person feel less loved and does make them feel judged. So just don’t do it or do it in a nicer more private way if you can’t help but say something.

To the person who has been judged for what they eat I want you to know that you are beautiful no matter your size and that you can’t eat what you what if it makes you happy. Do NOT let someone else dictate what or how much you eat – unless the doctors have you under dietary restrictions. Love and support can go a long way, so let’s all try that instead of judging others.

My warrior outfit for the day 

4 thoughts on “Let’s be real… What I eat is MY business!

  1. I know how you feel… with the quad bypass everybody judges you…and if I wear that shirt everybody looks at me like I’m a perv. Hehe.


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  2. Workplace for me is where I hear and notice a lot of weird ways people pay attention to what others eat… And it’s a sucky feeling when you feel forced to defend yourself and explain your whole life to someone over a food choice! You’re definitely not alone.

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    1. Oh yes, work is hard as well! Especially if work caters in and everyone else eats it but you get weird looks… so unfair! At least I am not alone and hopefully those of use who have been effected by these instances can help bring attention to it and put a stop to it!


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