Something New

Something New: October 2018

Just like that the spooky moth of October is gone. Though it has official been Fall in Minnesota for a few weeks now, it doesn’t truly feel like it until November – at least for me. Anyway, last month I tried a few things out and wanted to share my experiences.

Axel’s Charhouse

Early on in the month I went to a new restaurant called Axel’s Charhouse. I went to the location in Roseville but there are a total of 3 in Minnesota. This location is connected to the Radisson hotel and it is very easy to miss the parking lot entrance (I missed it and had to go around the block and try again). When the group of us ladies arrived at 530pm it wasn’t really busy but thankfully we had reservations and didn’t have to wait to be seated. By 6-630pm every table in the place was full – be sure to plan ahead if you go here.

I started off the night with a Raspberry Flirtini – it sounds cute right? If you are wondering what is in this fun drink that would be Stoli Razberi, Chambord, Champagne, and pineapple juice! The drink was pink and delicious, dangerously so… you couldn’t taste the alcohol but you could feel it, yum. For dinner I decided to do the super club experience which included a 9oz sirloin steak, a jumbo house-made popover, my choice of soup or salad, and then 2 sides all for $25! I decided to go with the soup and got the daily special chicken wild rice. I am a HUGE fan of chicken wild rice soup and have very high expectations – this was by far my favorite soup and I would have been 100% happy if this is all I had with the popover!  For my sides I opted for fries and asparagus these were fine but nothing compared to the popover or soup – they were delicious. The steak was fine, I ordered mine medium-medium well and it came out rarer than I would have liked, so that was slightly disappointing. Since there was SO much food with my order I actually ended up taking most of the steak home and having it with eggs the next morning.

We were out for my friend’s birthday and I mentioned this to our sweet waitress (I cannot recall her name). She told me that there was a variety of different desert options and the birthday girl could get one for free! I was so happy to surprise my friend with this and I was assuming this would be a small dessert, nope she was able to get a HUGE piece of gourmet cake that the group of us had a hard time helping her finish as there was just so much food at the table. Overall, my first time at Axels was a good experience! The food was tasty, the wait staff was friendly and gave suggestions, the kitchen prepared the food in a timely manner and the atmosphere of the place was slightly elegant but not on the exclusive side of thing.

Octoberfest at Gastofs

The second new thing I did in October occurred about halfway through the month. I went to my first ever Octoberfest event at Gastofs. I grew around North East Minneapolis so this was not my first time going to Gastofs but I had never gone to Octoberfest. This is an outside experience rain or shine every Friday and Saturday starting Friday, September 21st through October 13th. People can start showing up in the early evening with live music starting at 6pm and doesn’t end till 10am – the actual event goes till 11pm.

When I first arrived I didn’t realize that it was an outdoor event so I can looking cute in a sweater and NO JACKET (see the picture below)! Luckily I am always somewhat prepared and had a sweatshirt and scarf in my car, it didn’t take me long to go and get those items. To get into the event you do have to be 21 or older and so I waited in line to get my ID checked and receive a wrist band. Once in, I went straight for the token station. Everything at Octoberfest requires tokens – they don’t deal with cash at the bars and to get your tokens. Tokens are $6 and then depending on what you were looking to get at Octoberfest you could be looking to spend 1-2 tokens on a given item. I opted to start off with 3 tokens which costs me $18.


Once I had my tokens it was time to exchange them for some alcohol. As I am not a big beer girl I was fine not having brought or purchased a boot – this is the only way to get beer at the event. If you needed to buy a boot, that was a token and to fill it was another token. Instead I opted for a mixed drink which cost me my first token. As I was at this event with my step-sister and her friends I quickly began getting to know everyone. As I did it seemed that I was making quick friends and learning things about Octoberfest. The big thing I remember being told was to order a PLASTIC boot online and bring it next year as it won’t be heavy and I could possibly get it for less than $6. At first I thought that there was no point in getting a boot as I don’t drink beer but then I learned that I could use the boot for the cider – SCORE! One of the girls in the group was nice enough to fill her boot with cider for us to share. In exchange I ordered a soft pretzel and cheese to share with her – goodbye token #2.

There were several food options all themed around Germany and Ocotberfest including classes such as sauerkraut and apfelstrudel. At one point in the night, a cute older gentleman approached the table and asked if anyone wanted to dance. As I was in the middle of eating I had to apologize and reject the offer. He did luckily find someone at the next table over to dance with him which was fun to watch. Throughout the night if you know how to polka you were more than welcome to hit the dance floor and dance along to the music. As the night went on it began to get colder so my group left and went down the block to another bar. I ended up leaving with one of my tokens still in hand. I was told that they use the same tokens each year so it sounds like I am already more prepared for next years’ experience than I was this year. Overall, besides the cold and the crowded tents Octoberfest was enjoyable. I feel like there was more to it then I experienced but that just leaves room for more enjoyment next year.


***pumpkin/beer image from google images.

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