Something New

Something New: November 2018

I cannot believe that we are already over a week into December and that it is even December! I mean, is it just me or did this year seem to fly by?! November was probably the busiest month of the year for me – not at work though… I wasn’t there much. November is my birthday month and this year I ended up going on 2 different trips – go big for your birthday month, right? I am only going to talk about 1 trip through today as the other one didn’t involve really trying anything new.


For my first trip of the month I traveled with some girlfriends to Las Vegas. This wasn’t my 1st time in Vegas it was my 1st time there as an adult so there were some new things I was able to try. For starters I am not a fan of heights so when I was there as a child I never went to the top of the Stratosphere or went on the High Roller (aka the giant Ferris wheel). I was not thrilled to go to the top of either of these locations but for the views it was worth it plus, sometimes you need to face your fears which I definitely did! We went on the high roller during the day and then to the Stratospheres at night; I HIGHLY recommend checking out both these locations if you ever travel to Vegas and consider doing them at different times of day like we did.

As heights aren’t 100% my thing, I didn’t fully enjoy either of these in the air experiences, though I appreciated the views. What I came to Vegas for was the shows! We booked the trip specifically to see the Backstreet Boys. This was my first time being in the pit at a concert and it was worth it! Side Note – I am seeing them again when they come to MN this summer and its crazy how much more expensive the pit tickets are when they are on tour, Vegas prices were like ¼ of the price! The venue for the show was Planet Hollywood, which is not the size of an arena meaning there probably wasn’t a bad view in the place, being less than 2 feet from the backstreet boys was something I won’t have traded. I didn’t think anything could top their performance but on night 2 we went to Thunder from Down Under and they came pretty darn close. Again, not a huge venue (maybe 50 people) which meant you were up close to the action that was going on. If the accents, dancing, and sexy men weren’t enough the added bonus of being encouraged to touch and having the men constantly out in the audience put the show over the top.

You cant’t go to Vegas and not talk about the food, right? I have to talk about the restaurant Bruxie; it’s located right on the strip (just on the side of one of the hotels/blocks) and though the place isn’t huge there always seemed to be a line. The morning we went the wait was maybe 15 minutes and as Vegas weather was at least a good 50 degrees warmer then MN we opted to sit outside. For the 1st time in my life I ordered chicken & waffles – I was hesitant but the breakfast sandwich they made with these 2 items was to die for! I would 100% go back to Vegas in a heartbeat to have this meal again! I cannot remember if when I was in Vegas 15 years ago if I went to the Coca-Cola store or not but if you want a unique experience I highly recommend checking this place out and order the Tastes of the World tray. This is where you get 16 different international coke beverage – be sure to order as a group, 1 tray is more than enough! The 4 of us all sampled each drink and we still had leftovers. Some of the options were very enjoyable while others not so much. I really enjoyed watching other groups try the flavors that my group didn’t enjoy as it seemed like the reactions were the same for all those we witnessed.

Hello Fresh 

As I was traveling to both Vegas and Florida in November I didn’t have time to do a lot of shopping for food when I was home. Thanks to my amazing roommate I was able to try Hello Fresh for free! With a discount code all I had to do was create an account and choose 3 meals from about 10-12 options for the week I wanted and then just wait for my delivery to arrive. I choose my meal on a Friday and it was delivered the following Wednesday! All the veggies, produce, meats and seasonings came with the delivery – all I had to do was supply my own olive oil, salt, and pepper. For my order I choose:

  • Garlic herb butter steak with roasted potatoes and mini bell pepper jumble
  • Figgy balsamic pork with roasted green beans and rosemary potatoes
  • Cranberry apple pork chops with roasted baby carrots and herbed potatoes

Overall the recipes for all 3 meals were easy to follow. There was a time put on each direction sheet and for me it took an additional 15-20 minutes to complete… I am not a quick/ confident cook.  It did seem like I either over or under cooked the meat for each meal as those didn’t come with a ton of cooking time information. One thing I noticed what that there was a LOT of food included in each meal. I did choose for a 2 person serving so that I could get 2 meals each but for some I was able to get 3 meals. With my garlic herb butter steak meal I choose to make a breakfast scramble and it was DELICIOUS! This meal option was my favorite by far!

My experience overall with Hello Fresh was really enjoyable as I thought the meals were all full of flavor, weren’t things I necessary cooked every day, and the recipes were easy to follow. The convenience of not having to go grocery shopping was nice however the cost was something I won’t be able to committee to. For about 3 meals with 2 servings each it was about $60 which includes shipping. Personally I can spend about $40-50 on a given week for all 21 meals and some snacks. With that in mind I knew it wasn’t realistic for me to continue after my free week so I did end up deactivating my account after my free week. I did learn you can skip weeks so if you do choose to try Hello Fresh that is something to keep in mind! I do plan to use some of the recipes that can be found online and attempt to make more hello fresh recipes but just do my own shopping. Here is how some of my meals turned out:

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